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With the Automatic Instance Card feature of Content to Go one can now build mobile solution within hours showing valuable up to date data to the users.

Example for this is the following: 
In a company XYZ Dave wants to enable his sales guys to get their Pay slips delivered to their mobile device. To build this as a mobile App Dave does not have the skills nor the resources.

With SAP Content to Go Dave can realize this with a couple steps.

  • First Dave creates a new Card of the type "Automatic Instance Card".

  • Dave adds a query to the Automatic Instance Card which is fetching the top 3 payslips sorted by date

  • Dave adds a sample response of one payslip

  • In the HTML editor Dave designs the look of the card. All areas where data fields are supposed to show Dave adds "{{}}" handlebars with and ID

  • In the Mapper tap Dave maps the now the data fields to the actual entities


Dave can now deploy the Card and all Employees connected to the Content to Go service can subscribe to the card.

So, at the end of the month the HR system will generate new payslips. George will see the new payslip latest 90 min after the HR system has made them available (depending on when iOS allows Content To Go App to sync data in the Background).


So, with a few clicks anybody can now mobilize enterprise offline and up to date to their users.


Build your first Automatic Instance Card in less than 10 min with this Tutorial.