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Today’s rapidly changing market requirements put businesses under increased pressure to adapt and stay competitive. The rising demand for cloud solutions, a growing talent gap, and the expectation to do more with less while ensuring security and compliance continue to strain the capacity of development teams. To address this challenge, SAP has been investing in low-code and no-code solutions that improve overall developer efficiency, enable more employees to automate tedious tasks and create applications that simplify work in a compliant and secure fashion. All of this without needing to write a single line of code.

We are excited to announce several new capabilities in our low-code and no-code portfolio today at SAP Sapphire 2022.

SAP AppGyver is now part of SAP Service Cloud

SAP AppGyver is a no-code application development platform that enables developers of all skill levels to create enterprise-ready applications with drag-and-drop simplicity. With the integration of SAP AppGyver in SAP Service Cloud, all Service Cloud users can create custom applications to extend Service Cloud functionality without needing to write code. For example, Service Cloud users can visually create apps for service agents that allow them to serve their customers better by connecting and acting on data from other systems such as SAP S/4HANA. This way, the service agent can log into SAP Service Cloud to find out what equipment the customer is using, see a list of compatible spare parts and view inventory in SAP S/4HANA without leaving SAP Service Cloud. In addition, users can also use the SAP Fiori design system, which provides templates, tools, and guidelines to create beautiful mobile and web apps.

Example of a custom service agent application created with SAP AppGyver and SAP Service Cloud integration.


Create no-code business logic using visual cloud functions

Turning an idea into an app used to require extensive development skills. SAP AppGyver already offers developers a no-code tool to build the frontend of an app. In the next few months, we will be adding additional cloud-powered capabilities that will allow all SAP AppGyver users to visually create cloud-hosted data models and serverless application logic without any code. With the entire backend process also visual, SAP AppGyver users will no longer need to leave the no-code environment to build fully functional and scalable enterprise-grade applications. For more information about the current and future capabilities of SAP AppGyver, see the SAP Roadmap Explorer.

Visually build cloud-hosted data models and serverless business logic without leaving the no-code environment.


Verge is an example of a customer that used SAP AppGyver to accelerate application development and built multiple applications for the entire manufacturing process, all deeply integrated with their manufacturing systems.
“Speed of innovation is of great importance to us. With SAP AppGyver, we were able to develop and integrate a custom, highly flexible system to orchestrate our entire manufacturing process in just a few months, all without having to write a line of code. The apps provide real-time insights into our operations and help us make decisions faster.”

Tuomo Lehtimäki, CEO of Verge Motorcycles


Simplify collaboration between business and development teams

Earlier this year, we announced the general availability of SAP Process Automation, which combines workflow management and robotic process automation into a single no-code, drag and drop solution.  It enables companies of all sizes to create workflows, automate repetitive or manual tasks, and simplify and improve business processes.

New SAP Process Automation capabilities make it even easier for business and development teams to collaborate while ensuring security and governance. Professional developers can develop advanced processes and business logic and create reusable sub-flows that can be made available to business users. Business users can leverage these sub-flows and create sophisticated workflows and automation in a visual, no-code fashion while ensuring compliance with IT requirements. More information about recent and upcoming functionality can be found in the SAP Help Portal and SAP Roadmap Explorer.

SAP Process Automation is now also available in the SAP Business Technology free tier. Try it out today.

New learning resources to help you get started

To support the need for accelerated app development, we have introduced an associate certification for low-code/no-code development. The certification is aimed at non-technical users with little to no experience writing code. It acknowledges skills built-in SAP's low-code/no-code learning journey to understand fundamental concepts and gain technical know-how for application development.

We are also introducing a free series of hands-on workshops for low-code/no-code. These will be delivered by SAP partners in small learning environments to ensure one-on-one attention.


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