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Hello Integrators,

at my company, we have a lot of Integration Flows that persist data in variables. This could be the last time a flow was running when loading deltas e.g. from twitter, facebook or other sources.

It is in the nature of debugging, that we have to read and delete these variables often when creating Integration Flows.

Some of you probably already know the open source ConVista CPI Helper Plugin for Chrome Browser that enhances the CPI with some cool new features:

  • Sidebar with processed messages

  • Activate InlineTrace to see message route in integration flow designer

  • Directly see trace messages in integration flow designer

  • Pretty print for trace messages in integration flow designer

  • Button to switch on trace

  • Directly go to traces of specific message

  • Directly go to logs and attachements of specific message

  • Pop-up with error-message when hovering message in sidebar

  • Pop-up with deployment info

With version 1.1, I want to add

  • View and delete variables in info pop-up

to this list.

So if you installed the CPI Helper in your Chrome Browser, you can easily access variables after pressing the Info button in the Integration Flows designer.

It saves a lot of time for me and I hope you like it too.

You can easily get the CPI Helper from the Chrome Store:

It is free and open source.


If you want to know more about the CPI Helper, visit my older posts

In case you are wondering why you can't change variables. Because I did not find any API for that. I try to get in contact with SAP but till now, they seems to be very busy and do not answer my mails. So if you have any clue how to edit variables, message me 🙂

Best regards,


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