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Follow this post to stay current with new releases<<

EDIT: I created a new blog post with all features. This ist the new reference blog post.

Edit: Version 1.5 is out.

EDIT: Version 1.2.3 is released

EDIT: Version 1.1 is out. So if you work with variables, this could be something for you.

EDIT: Version 1.0 with InlineTrace-Feature is out now. More details in my new blog post.

EDIT: I had some issues with the Chrome Store. You will find the newest version 0.5.6 here:



If you had issus with the "Trace"-button, this is fixed now.

Please change to this version. The old Chrome Store entry will not be updated and will be deleted


EDIT: I was accepted for the Chrome Web Store. I recommend you to install the plugin from there to get updates automatically and to avoid developer mode.

Delete manually installed version before.

EDIT: Version 0.5.3 is now released. See

[Feature] Added last visited iflows in browser-bar-popup
[Feature] Added useful links in browser-bar-popup
[Feature] Added undeploy button in info-popup

Info: The screenshots do not show all features.


EDIT: Version 0.4.0 is now released. See

New feature: Popup with deployment infos.


EDIT: Version 0.3.1 is now released. See

New feature: See error message from processed messages directly in the integration flow designer.


Hello integrators,

my team and I have been working for about 3 years now with the SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

To make it short: Usability is not the core competence of SAP and so I decided to improve the daily life of my team with a plugin for the Chrome Browser to hack some usability improvements into the CPI.


Switch on tracing

This is now done with one click from the integration flow designer 🙂 I counted at least 4 clicks before including open a new window.

View Messages

You get a small dragable sidebar with the last 10 message status directly in the integration flow designer.

View Infos and Trace

The small sidebar I mentioned before has two buttons to open a new window that brings you directly where you want to go. Of course, the trace is only available if you activated it before. But this is only one click away 🙂

How does it look like

If you installed the plugin, you will have two more buttons in the integration flow designer:

And if you press "Messages":


Install directly from Chrome Web Store

After installation, you see the icon in the browser bar.

At first it is grey but it activates when you are on a CPI page. The new buttons will be added automatically when you are on the integration flow designer.


My time is very limited so you are welcome to contribute with good comments, finding bugs or pull requests. More infos on the github page:

Ideas and contributions for new features are always welcome.


  • Add possibility to show errors, payloads, properties and headers from messages directly in the design screen

Things to improve

  • Find a better way to get the X-CSRF-Token. Currently there is a background javascript for that.

  • Find a better way to detect url changes

  • Improve design


There are probably many of them. Please leave a message.

I hope you like this project and it would be great if you leave some helpful comments.

Best regards