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The countdown has begun. It won’t be delayed by cloudy weather. A cloudy atmosphere will be quite fitting, actually. At the final checks, all systems are go-cloud.

On May 29th, SAP Cloud ALM celebrates its launch into the space of multiple expanded capabilities to improve the implementation experience. The timing is especially encouraging, as businesses worldwide seek paths to success beyond the current Coronavirus crisis. Accessible from anywhere and always up-to-date, SAP Cloud ALM is home-office-friendly!

  • It allows for business and IT roles to easily onboard and collaborate on projects without the need of advanced technical knowledge to administer the platform.

  • It adds up to unlimited scalability from the cloud and none of the on-premise IT maintenance costs.

  • It answers the call from a growing number of companies interested in transitioning to a pure cloud solution.

SAP Cloud ALM is one of the three pillars of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions. It joins the flagship on-premise and hybrid solution SAP Solution Manager, as well as the high-volume focused solution SAP Focused Run.

Maybe if you attended our latest ALM-featured events or visited our support portal’s ALM landing page, SAP Cloud ALM may already sound familiar. You may already know that SAP Cloud ALM is not SAP Solution Manager rocketed to the cloud. Rather, it is a new solution, designed uniquely and specifically for benefits of the cloud.

It reminds me of when I entered high school two years after my big brother, and he had already established a reputation of scholastic excellence with the teachers. Just as my teachers expected excellence from me due to my brother’s reputation (thanks for the pressure, bro), we can expect excellence from SAP Cloud ALM.

The ALM solutions are like high-achieving siblings. They will co-exist and all continue to support businesses drive success in the future.

The sky is the limit for SAP Cloud ALM, as it is a solution molded by customer need. While our countdown to launch continues to tick away, in fact, a form of SAP Cloud ALM started its journey in late 2018 via the implementation portal for SAP S/4HANA Cloud. It was deployed in limited scale to a small group of customers. Since then, a continual evolution towards expanded capabilities and increased simplicity based on customer feedback built up to this final countdown to launch.

Tim Steuer, Vice President Application Lifecycle Management hopes we will all join him at our SAP Cloud ALM launch party on the 29th. Tim shares why there is occasion to celebrate in a recent SAP News Center interview: “We’re now adding operations, expanding the full capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM to support other cloud products, including SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and integrating parts of SAP Cloud ALM to solutions including SAP Customer Experience, SAP Ariba, and SAP Concur solutions, among others.”

The range of SAP products able to use SAP Cloud ALM will continue to expand. In turn, SAP Cloud ALM “enables customers to shift focus away from technical administration and monitoring and allows them to focus on more strategic things, like how cloud solutions work together or how to manage a seamless flow of data,” according to Tim.

In addition to the question and answer session with Tim, you can count on our SAP Cloud ALM FAQs as a great resource for general information for your future with SAP Cloud ALM! Find out more about SAP Cloud ALM at