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What are transport Requests?

Transport Request is a  10 character alphanumeric code having the syntax <SID>KXXXXXX where the SID is the System ID in which the transport request was created.  Transport request contains a list of objects that can me moved between systems. Transport Requests is a way in which you can record changes and move them across systems.

Types of transport Requests:

Workbench Requests:

Workbench requests and the tasks assigned to them are normally used to record changes to any repsitory object.

Customizing requests:

Customizing requests records client-specific Customizing settings made in a single client.

Copying Transport Requests:

Consider there are two workbench requests as shown.

Select the request to which the objects are to be copied and press Ctrl+F11

Click the green tick or press Enter, you can find the object list added as shown.