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Using the SAP Cloud Platform Continuous Integration and Delivery

Adding the Service

To set up the SAP Cloud Platform Continuous Integration and Delivery (CiCd) service in your Cloud environment open your Cloud Platform Cockpit. Select the Account you are going to use the service. Open the Subscription menu and subscribe the “Continuous Integration & Delivery” service.

Next you need to configure the roles for the service. Now you can use the “go to Application” shortcut to open the Service.

Setting up the Service

Click the plus Button on the top right to create a new Job. Now the “Create a Job” menu pops out of the right side of the screen. There you can set the configuration of your Project.

The project you create will be build using a basic pipeline out of project Piper. This pipeline includes the basic steps for a pipeline Job.

Starting on the top of the configuration you need to define a Job name which is basically just the name for your Project. Second you need to enter an URL of an Repository such as Git where your code is stored. The next point is to configure the credentials of this Repository. This is recommended to allow the Service to interact with this repository and your code. If you have created Credentials before you can select those by opening the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow inside the box. If you need to create new credentials you can navigate thru the drop-down menu to the “create credentials” shortcut and follow the instructions. Next you need to define the branch you want to build. Last point in the general information section is to choose one of the given pipeline configurations. Those configurations are named as the Platform they target.

To complete the configuration, you can now activate the steps you want to use. Possible steps are: Build, Test, Malware Scan, Deploy , Upload to TMS.

If you want to include Deploy or Upload to TMS to your pipeline you need to set up those Service before and fill in the required information in the CiCd Step configuration.

To start the build, you need to select the job to build and select the two-arrow button on the top right inside the grey backgrounded section.

Set up Transport Management System (TMS)

If we want to use the TMS in our pipeline we need to configure the service before.

Add the service to your account like you added the CiCd service and set up the roles. Now you can open the Web Interface by selecting the shortcut in the Service instance overview.

Before we are going to use the landscape Wizard to set up our transport environment we need to create and define the destinations we refer to.

Open your Cloud Platform cockpit and navigate to connectivity -> destination.

You can find an explanation on the parameter here.

Next open the TMS and select the landscape wizard and follow the guide to create your landscape:


As you can see, setting up continuous integration and delivery on SAP Cloud Platform is not complicated. If you need more flexibility, then you need to setup your on environment. But SAP's Project Piper can help you as shown in the next part of the blog series.