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Next to the big news around the SAP and Apple partnership we also announced our new product “SAP Content to Go”.

Sanjeet Mall showed in his session (MOB204: Supercharge the Power of Mobile Users to Consume Data from SAP S/4HANA) how to enable your users to mobilize corporate data out of SAP S/4HANA or other systems with just a few clicks. We showed how to bring data from your corporate back-end software to the new “SAP Content to Go” mobile app.

Under the Hood:

SAP Content to Go has two ways to mobilize Content. The first one is as Sanjeet explained: sharing Content from within the Fiori Launchpad. With the second option, you can mobilize any JSON content from any system.

Short list of the current features:

  • No Development required for Smart Template Apps

  • Native/ Fluid  Ui

  • Full Offline Availability with background updates

  • iOS Native Search integration

  • Geo Fence (Location) Integration

  • Siri Integration

  • Push

  • Local Push for Location and Time Sensitive Cards 

  • Map Integration

  • Email/Phone/ SMS integration

  • Auto Grouping of similar Information

  • Background Download 

  • Deep Linking into  other Apps

  • Support for Multiple backends simultaneously

  • Support of SAP as well as Non SAP Backends 


Mobilizing Content from within the Fiori Launchpad.

Sharing content from the Fiori Launchpad is as easy as selecting the option “Add to Mobile“. To get this option on any Fiori object page, the Content 2 Go plugin has to be installed and configured in the Fiori Launchpad.


From this point on the you will be able to share Content to the mobile device. The Plugin will detect what page the you have opened, and sends this information to HCPms. The HCPms will then send a push notification to the your Content 2 Go App. This will trigger the Content 2 Go mobile App to pull the new and updated content from HCPms. This content (displayed in the app as ‘Cards’) contains all the information necessary to display the content. After the mobile device has fetched the data for the Card, it will be displayed in the Content 2 Go Mobile App. The app will keep the all Cards up to date, until the you decide to  delete one or more of the Cards.


And of course you can also share Fiori ‘overview’ elements from a Dashboard page as Cards See the example of Charts being shared. These will also be kept up to date as long as the you keep the Card in the app.



Mobilizing any JSON content

Sharing any JSON Content is also supported, and can easiy be demonstrated with a few simple modifications to an HCP HTML5 application.

First a create a new Card Type in HCPms. This definition defines how the information and what information is rendered. A Card Mapper allows fast editing of the Cards in the HCPms. The Editor supports the design process of creating and updating Cards (although you can always use your own HTML editor if you wish).

After that the HTML5 application can be enhanced. With a  few lines of code the capability to share the current page to Content 2 Go can be added. The HTML5 App needs to do an HTTP call to the HCPms, sharing the current URL of the data, the user id and the Card template which should be used to render this on the mobile device.

The HCPms will trigger your Content 2 Go App to pull the Data and Card type definition. And once everything is downloaded the card will be displayed.

Link to the official documentation

If you are interested in more information on Content 2o Go stay tuned here and follow me or talk to your SAP Representative!