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The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing business, generating revenue and improving customer experiences. And, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. Nayaki Nayyar, General Manager, Global Head of IoT and Innovation GTM at SAP, wrote about how IoT is closely linked to customer engagement in her blog. In this blog, we want to help you understand one of the building blocks that helps businesses achieve desired outcomes from things that make up IoT.

IoT is a network of networks of uniquely identifiable endpoints (or "things") that communicate without human interaction using IP connectivity. The IoT ecosystem contains a complex mix of technologies including, but not limited to, modules/devices, connectivity, IoT purpose-built platforms, storage, servers, security, analytics software, IT services, and security. Autonomous connectivity is a key attribute, according to IDC.

SAP IoT SIM management for SAP HANA (SIMM) enables SAP customers to optimally manage the wireless services of their SIM based IoT devices through certified mobile operators. To enable a new standard of effortless experience for SAP customers, it is universally available with SAP’s IoT solutions. SIMM simplifies management for IoT services in global deployments by aggregating SIM-based IoT devices alongside all IoT operations from an integrated Fiori based dashboard, the ability to correlate SIM data with the machine, location and other data to provide context for SIM identifiers. SIMM also empowers customers to analyze and act based on SIM activity to drive cost optimization and customized alerts, and even lets them integrate SIM-related data into existing systems and applications. In need to accelerate support for global IoT deployments? Not a problem – thanks to SAP IoT solutions leveraging best-in-region mobile operators and simplifying the process of multi-carrier SIM sourcing to protect against vendor lock-in.

SAP is also working closely with partners that offer the leverage of device connectivity platforms like Jasper. SAP and Jasper are collaborating to help enterprises simplify the process of deploying and managing IoT services on a global scale. Together, SAP and Jasper will team to offer integration of their solutions designed to help simplify and dramatically shorten the time to launch, manage and monetize IoT services.

The Jasper Control Center platform, which automates the lifecycle of IoT services, is planned to integrate with the SAP HANA platform, creating business value for customers and partners by analyzing service subscription and usage data. Enterprises are also expected to benefit from the SAP Fiori user experience (UX), which offers a simple, personalized and responsive UX for SAP software.

Read the press release for all the information about the SAP and Jasper partnership.

SAP and Vodafone have signed an agreement to collaborate and co-sell on customer projects in all the markets that Vodafone serves. The goal of this collaboration is to collect and securely move data from machines and their sensors into the SAP HANA Cloud Platform to support predictive maintenance as well as other use cases, while using the Vodafone M2M device connectivity technology including global SIM and GDSP platform.

The technical certification of the integration between GDSP and the HCP platform is supported by the SAP IoT SIM management for SAP HANA solution.

“SAP is building a strong ecosystem of key partners in the IoT space,” said nayaki.nayyar2, General Manager, Global Head of IoT and Innovation GTM at SAP. “Working with companies like Vodafone, we are able to provide a seamless and feature-rich way in for our customers to get the most out of their IoT data, from things to outcomes.”

Reach out to us via comments and questions in case this is something that looks helpful to you as you go about the process of realizing meaningful business outcomes leveraging your internet of things.


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