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This is the Part II of a 3 blog series to connect SAP Fiori Cloud to On-Premise Landscape.

The blogs series consists of:

  • Part I - Describes the initial steps (A1 & S1) and architecture of the solution.

  • Part II - Describes the technical steps that must be carried by a system admin (steps S2 to S6).

  • Part III - Describes the business steps that must be carried by an Application Consultant (steps A2 to A6).

In this Blog I’m going to describe the technical steps we have followed to connect SAP Fiori Cloud to On-Premise landscape.

This blog covers the steps S2 to S6 from @Elizabeth Thorburn’s blog:


S2. SAP CP Account Setup


Here are the steps to setup your Account in SAP Fiori Trial and in SAP CP.


Click “See it in action”

Click in the cloud icon in the top right “Customize and extend”

Click “Get Started”

On the top of your screen you will see that you have activated a trial for 90 days.

Click in your name in the top right of the screen, then select “Manage Site” in the drop down list.

Open “Useful Tools” and click the “SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit”.

In the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, you can manage members If you want.


S3. Cloud-OnPrem Connection    


Again, go to “Manage Site” in your SAP Fiori Trial Account.

Open “Useful Tools” and click the “SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit”.

Create a Destination for your On-Premise system. In our case we created a virtual URL for SAP Gateway Hub.

We have also configured SAP Cloud Connector in customer’s landscape.

Follow some screenshots of the SAP Cloud Connector settings:

Going back to SAP CP Cockpit, we can check that SAP Cloud Connector stablished the connection.


S4. Install Backend OData Components


Components installed in SAP ERP (Add-ons):

  • IW_BEP

  • IW_PGW

  • GBAPP002 600 (0010)

Components installed in SAP Gateway Hub

  • SAP_GWFND (add-on installed automatically with NetWeaver AS 7.40)


S5. OData Registration      


We have checked of the Fiori Apps Library the name of the service of our App'F0402')/W13

Since we were using SAP Gateway in a separate box from SAP ERP, we had to config the connections between SAP Gateway and SAP ERP.

Some tasks were:

  • Create RFC connections

  • Create Trust Connections

  • Import Certificates

We have followed steps from SAP Gateway configuration:

To be able to register OData Services from SAP ERP we also had to create a system alias for SAP ERP in SAP Gateway.

  1. In transactionSPRO open the SAP Reference IMG and navigate to:   SAP NetWeaver   SAP Gateway   OData Channel   Configuration   Connection Settings   SAP Gateway to SAP System   Manage SAP System Aliases   and click on the Activity

  2. ChooseNew Entries.

  3. Enter the details for the SAP system alias

To register our service, go to transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE

In our case, the service is: GBAPP_POAPPROVAL

In the transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE, click “Add Service”

Choose the system alias, and register the service.

Registered Services:


S6. Assign Role


In the Fiori Apps Library, check the name of the authorization role for the App'F0402')/W13

In the backend, access PFCG, edit the role SAP_MM_PO_APV_APP and add the users you want.