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While developing applications for B2C or B2B purposes, it is always important to consider making it easier for customers to reach out to customer service in a faster way. For this reason, in this quick blogpost I'll show you how to leverage SAP Conversational AI capabilities by connecting your chatbot with AppGyver using Facebook Messenger as a channel.


  • Create a bot using SAP Conversational AI. If you don't have an account, create a trial one here. You can leverage this tutorial to create your bot with more capabilities.

  • Create a Facebook App in Meta for Developers to connect your chatbot to Facebook Messenger. You need to have a Facebook account. Here's a quick tutorial to guide you through.

  • Create an App in SAP AppGyver. if you don't have an account, create a trial one here. If you want to go further, you can use this tutorial to start developing more.

When you have it already, copy your Page ID from your already created Facebook Developer App. We'll use it later in this tutorial.


Now go to your created App in SAP AppGyver, To run this quick exercise, let's just add an image component, to make it consistent I pasted the Facebook Messenger icon.

Now in the bottom click on "Show logic for IMAGE 1" to add a logic component when pressing the image.

You'll need to install "Open URL" as the logic component. In this case I already installed it and looks like this:

Drag and drop the "Open URL" component to logic flow, connect it to the component event tap and then add the URL of the direct Facebook Messenger chat. Here we'll use the Page ID copied earlier.

Paste the URL as following:<PageID>/

Save your app and now click on "Launch". You can test it on your computer by clicking "Open App Preview Portal". In this tutorial I'll show you using the SAP AppGyver and Facebook Messenger mobile Apps.

Click on "Reveal QR Code". Read this QR Code using your mobile SAP AppGyver app (this is to link your account to your mobile app).

Open your App in the SAP AppGyver mobile app, press the FB Messenger icon and start interacting with your CAI bot.

Now you have your custom App in SAP AppGyver connected to your SAP Conversational AI Bot using Facebook Messenger as a channel. Hope you'd enjoyed this quick exercise 🙂