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Hybrid data landscapes are all the rage right now. While many organizations have put huge amounts of time and effort into their on-premise setups, they also see—and want—the benefits of the cloud.

Technologies like Smart Data Access (SDA) and Smart Data Integration (SDI) have already helped our customers connect their on-premise landscapes with SAP HANA Cloud. And now, we’re happy to announce that another component, the Cloud Connector, can help to make this connection.


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What is the Cloud Connector?

The Cloud Connector is a component of SAP Connectivity Service that serves as a link between on-premise systems and SAP HANA Cloud. It’s simple to set up and gives you a clear overview of the systems that are exposed to the SAP HANA Cloud.

The Cloud Connector allows a secure connection with which to replicate data from on premises to your SAP HANA Cloud data landscape. While technologies like SDI offer more advanced replication options, the Cloud Connector is fast and simple to set up and use.


How Does the Cloud Connector Work?

To use SAP Connectivity Service, you first need to install its on-premise component, the Cloud Connector, in your on-premise system. You can find the technical prerequisites for installing the Cloud Connector here, and you can download the Cloud Connector here.

Once the Cloud Connector is installed, you can then open a connection from your on-premise system to the cloud. This connection is TLS-encrypted by default, and moves information from the cloud to on-premise.

By establishing a secure connection between your on-premise system and SAP HANA Cloud, the Cloud Connector spares you from the work of re-configuring your firewall. The Cloud Connector also helps to keep your data secure by connecting only specific data sources with the cloud, instead of your entire on-premise landscape.

Initial setup is done using the web application that’s available with the Cloud Connector. You can then connect SAP HANA Cloud, HANA database instances to your on-premise sources through the Cloud Connector via the SAP BTP Cockpit. For more detailed instructions on setting up the Cloud Connector with SAP HANA Cloud, please visit our Cloud Connector learning blog.


The Benefits of The Cloud Connector with SAP HANA Cloud

The Cloud Connector with remote table replication allows you to replicate your on-premise data into the cloud. It offers an easy way to connect to isolated on-premise systems that you need to keep secure, without having to make major firewall adjustments.

With the Cloud Connector, SAP HANA Cloud is even better equipped for hybrid data landscapes centered around SAP HANA. To learn how to perform specific tasks with SAP HANA Cloud and the Cloud Connector, such as remote table replication, please see our tutorials.