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In this blog post, I will describe the steps required to connect Document Management Service, Application Option running on cloud foundry to on-premise DMS repository.

Before proceeding, if you do not already have DMS setup, follow the steps mentioned in this blog post by Jens Koster to configure DMS.

PART I : Setting up Cloud Connector

For information on installing cloud connector, see this documentation .

Once your cloud connector is up and running, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Connect Cloud Connector with cloud foundry subaccount

  1. Go to your cloud foundry subaccount and click on the “information” icon on subaccount tile. Copy the subaccount id.

  2. Now, use this subaccount id in cloud connector subaccount configuration. Go to cloud connector administration UI and click on "Add Subaccount".

  3. Enter Region Host. CF regions host are the cf.<region> ones. Example: for Europe (Frankfurt) – AWS.

  4. Enter your Cloud Platform Email Id and password and save the configuration. Optionally, enter location id..

Step 2: Connect Cloud Connector with ABAP system

  1. Go To Cloud To On-Premise in cloud connector UI under your subaccount and click on plus ( + ) sign.

  2. Choose ABAP System as backend type and click on Next.

  3. Choose HTTPS as protocol and click on Next.

  4. Enter the internal Host and Port of your ABAP system. To find out the internal host and port of your ABAP system, Go To transaction SMICM in backend ABAP system -> Click on services -> Copy the Host and Port for HTTPS protocol.

  5. Enter the virtual host and port. Click on Next.NOTE: For Document Management Service, the internal host and virtual host should be same in order for the integration to work.

  6. Choose Principal Type as None. Click on Next.

  7. Choose Virtual host in request. Click on Next.

  8. Click on Finish

Step 3: Allow access to ABAP resources

  1. In the Access Control tab of Cloud Connector, under the Resources section, click on plus (+) sign.

  2. Provide the URL path /sap/bc/mcm/json.

  3. Select Access Policy as path and all sub paths.

  4. Click on Save.


PART II : Connecting Repository to Associated ABAP class

  1. Go to backend ABAP system.

  2. Use transaction SM30.

  3. Enter CMISD_SERVICE in the Table/View.

  4. Choose Maintain.

  5. Choose New Entries.

  6. Edit the fields as described in the following table:



    Enter a name for the repository



  7. Save your changes.


PART III : Setting up Destination

  1. Go to your Cloud Foundry subaccount -> Destinations.

  2. Click on New Destination.

  3. Provide a destination name.

  4. In URL, Enter http://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/mcm/json/<repositoryId> . Here host and port are the same as configured in cloud connector in previous steps. The repositoryId is the name configured in PART II.

  5. Select Proxy Type as OnPremise.

  6. Select Authentication as BasicAuthentication and Enter your ABAP system user and password.

  7. Click on Save.


Your DMS repository is now ready to be consumed in Document Management Service.


PART IV : Onboarding DMS repository via Document Management Service, Application Option

Pre-requisite : Follow the steps mentioned in this documentation to do initial configuration of Document Management Service, Application Option.

Steps to onboard DMS repository:

  1. Go to Admin url, https://<your-document_management-endpoint>/admin.html

  2. Click on Plus sign(+) to add repository.

  3. Provide any Display Name.

  4. Provide repository Id used in PART II, Step 5.

  5. Provide the name of destination created in PART III.

  6. Click on Add. After successful onboard, you should see a message ‘Repository Added’.


Now, you can access your repository at https://<your-document_management-endpoint>/web.html


Basic Troubleshooting:

  • Getting Access denied error while accessing application at endpoint, /web.htmlResolution : Check your Role Collection that you created in PART III during the initial configuration of Application Option. Make sure you have the following roles added to your role collection:SDM_AdminSDMWeb_AdminSDM_UserSDMWeb_UserToken_Exchange

  • Getting 403 Forbidden error while accessing repositoryResolution: After you have onboarded the repository, if trying to access the repository by clicking on the repository tile gives you 403 forbidden error, this means that the cloud connector host is not configured properly.Check the ABAP system host for HTTPS protocol as described in PART I, Step 2 ( 4 ) from SMICM transaction.Now check the host configured in your Cloud Connector. Both hosts should be same.