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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
A belated Happy New Year to everyone, but especially to those who participated in our Mobile Maestro challenge, even if you didn’t know you were participating.



As we have stated throughout the last year, we have a super-secret formula for awarding our Mobile Maestro badge, but there can be little doubt that the community members below deserve to be recognized for their activity.  Through blog post and answering questions the SAP Community grows stronger and stronger.

Never forget, It’s your community!

I am proud to list the newest badge earners below, but also proud of everyone who earned a Mobile Maestro badge for activity this year and in 2018.


Congratulations to all 7 of these new Mobile Maestro for Q4 2019:


You should see your badge in your SAP Community reputation section later today if it isn't there already.  You are now one of a few hundred Mobile Maestros in our SAP Community.  Please keep answering questions and writing blog posts.  

I wanted to list out and highlight the Apple and Android SDK’s here for everyone to keep as a bookmark.  I also want to make sure I showcase the great tutorials we have available as well.  A blog post like the one you are reading now can help explain a subject or topic, but a tutorial like this one from my amazing colleague on the Developer Advocates team kevin.muessig , Create your first iOS Application, can give you a chance to go hands on keyboard and really code with our tools.

I hope you explore all the great things available in SAP’s Cloud Platform and mobile services and you can learn something that solves a business problem for your users.

As a note of thanks I really want to make sure that everyone appreciates the hard work caroleigh.deneen  and oddss  put into the Mobile Maestro program.  Thank you so much!

Let's all have a great 2020!