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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
-Recognize verb

To acknowledge with a show of appreciation

-Mobile noun

a Mobile device, example:  Mobile Phone

-Maestro noun

a great or distinguished figure in any sphere.

So the above definitions I gathered from the internet serve as a simple yet clear example of what we really want to do here in the SAP Community around our mobile topics.  We want to Recognize Mobile Maestros.  As I'm sure you remember from earlier this year, my colleague britt.womelsdorf published a blog post about the Mobile Maestro Badges for 2018 describing our super secret algorithm on how to earn a mobile maestro badge by:

  • geting engaged

  • writing blog posts

  • commenting on blogs you find interesting

  • answer questions (the more the better)

  • Using a mobile-related primary tag for your blog post

  • Or answering questions with a primary mobile-related tag.

Well, as promised we are ready to award the first batch for the 2019 Mobile Maestros Mission!  The team will be digging into the metrics each quarter on who is writing several blog post or answering questions in the SAP Community about mobile topics.  Based on what we saw in Q1 2019 we had 19 Mobile Maestros!


Shall we put this in perspective, yes we shall.  When we launched our secret program for 2018 we had just over 40 people earn the 2018 Mobile Maestro badge based on a year's worth or activity.  In Q1 of 2019 we have almost achieved half of that number, and I think it's rather appropriate that for 2019, we start with 19 maestros.  We have a long way to go this year, but I am hopeful that we can get a lot of repeat and new achievers.  As Britt stated, our community works best when it becomes a place that can add value to its members in addition to normal SAP support channels.  To that end we proposed that through gamification we could get a lot of people involved and I think we are well on our way.  Thank you to everyone that has played our game so far and please keep it up!

I also want to call out a specific individual from the list below, jitendrakumar.kansal. Jitendra was very active in the SAP Community talking mobile topics in the first quarter such as our SAP Mobile Development Kit, as well as other Mobile Services and App Dev tools.  Not only was he providing answers that were accepted as being very helpful, he also authored several blog post.  Here a few I recommend you check out later today:

Connect to SAP API Business Hub from an MDK app

Generate an MDK metadata bundle locally and upload in SCP Mobile Services

What’s new in Mobile Services App Development Tools 1903

Thanks for all you do Jitendra!

So without further ado, here are the 19 Mobile Maestros for 2019, so far...lets see if we can double or triple this number in Q2:


I also wanted to thank my colleagues from SAP Community and SAP Mobile caroleigh.deneen oddss, martingrasshoff and kevin.muessig, without them we wouldn't have this program.  The recognition all of the above named members in the community wouldn't have been as easy to highlight without their guidance and assistance. Great job team!

With that said, you should see the new 2019 Mobile Maestro Badge attached to above accounts today.  A call to action for each of you reading this is to find these individuals and engage with them.   And if you choose to engage, maybe try to be as active as the Mobile Maestros and other community members with subjects you are passionate about.  (FYI, I am going to put my new badge in the top 5 featured showcase badges for my SAP Community reputation!)

Ok, I am off to prepare for SAP's Sapphire event and I am reviewing all the great mobile content SAP will be presenting there.  I hope it generates lots of useful content that everyone can benefit from throughout this year and beyond.

See you next quarter with another round of awards, it's only a few months away!