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Over the course of the past two months, and I have been secretly planning.  Josh is a developer evangelist, I'm a product manager, and while Josh's purview includes other topics, both of us have a shared passion - enterprise mobility.  We both also strongly believe that customers are ultimately more successful when they have the support of not only SAP, but of a thriving community.

So Josh and I asked ourselves a question.  How do we reward those who have mobility expertise,  and have contributed to the success of the SAP Community?  As an added bonus, how do we have a little fun doing it?

The answer is simple - let's play a game.  Or a contest.  Or better yet, let's go on a mission. That's exactly what we're going to do.  Josh and I would like to introduce the 2019 Mobile Maerstros Mission.  We sincerely hope you decide to play along.

Before I share a few words on the upcoming mission, let's be honest -  "mobile maestros" existed long before we decided to name them.  Looking back at 2018, we found many individuals who were already contributing to the SAP Community, sharing technical tips, best practices, or answering questions.  You deserve to be recognized too!  So, without further ado, the following is a list of 2018 Mobile Maestros:

alban_leong lnoens
andreas.schlosser lsubatin
Benu lucas.wonderley
britt.womelsdorf manish.meshram
Charles.xu mark.wright5
daniel.sanchez4 martingrasshoff
daniel.vanleeuwen matt.carrier Michael.jess
gabriela.burlacu midhun.vp
gerhard.henig mike.doyle4
holger.fritzinger muralidaran.shanmugham2
jan.matthes Nabheet.madan3
jill.elliott peter.spielvogel
jitendrakumar.kansal petr.solberg
joe_keeley prakalp.phadnis
Jordan.eckhardt sami.lechner stan.stadelman
jyothikrothapalli steve.lutarewych
Kevin_hu sue.vickers
kevin.muessig vikaskumar.yadav
Krishna.sunkammurali Wouter.lemaire

Any day now you should see the following badge appear in your SAP Community Profile:

Moving on to this year, the mission is already underway.  On a periodic basis, the SAP Community team will review all the community contributions.  Those who meet the selection criteria will be awarded the 2019 Mobile Maestros badge.  You're probably wondering to yourself, "Self, what do I need to do get selected?".  Well, the algorithm itself is a closely guarded secret (involving things like big data, machine learning, iOT, artificial intelligence and other industry buzzwords).  But in essence the answer is simple - get engaged!  Write blogs, comment on blogs you find interesting, answer questions - the more you do this, the more likely you are to get selected.  Make sure you use a mobile-related primary tag for your blog post, or answer questions whose primary tag is a mobile-related tag.  And trust us, in the end we want you to be a mobile maestro.  By getting engaged you help yourself and others.  This makes everyone in the SAP Community better.  Isn't that what we all want?

Time to get started.  The clock is already ticking - we're rooting for you!