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Here is it, second version of the online composition application with usage of SDK components. It is more dynamic, powerful and interesting for all who want to reuse it as app or inspire of its parts.

To remind, this is the first application - Community SDK: First Functional Application with SDK Components (Online Composition)

Used Components

Today, I can introduce following NEW components:

  • Array Util
  • Collection Util
  • Facet Filter
  • Drag Drop Area
  • Component Manager

some of the components have also new methods which allow more dynamic access to it (like Facet Filter -> setSimpleSelection).

What is New in "Define" area?

you can find new option to filter by facets:

F: Filter by Facets

H: (old): Navigate in Hierarchy, only visible if there is active hierarchy on rows - there is some script behind to find it out

When you press the "Facet Button", you will see this screen:

here, you can see the values on dimensions (only if in resultset) and the facets on dimensions which are currently in the resultset, BUT you can change it by pressing the button "Select Dimensions":

using drag&drop in this screen you can select custom dimensions which you want to see in facets.

currently I have no implementation of "delete" option, so press cancel to clear the right side.. will come later in next version.

By pressing "Accept" the facet will be changed:

(if you do not see numbers, your dimension is not in current resultset)

What is New in "Compose" Area?

You can find a filter on the left side:

This filter is working only on fragments which are "bound" by "Bind Fragment" option (details you can see here My Way to Second Functional (Dynamic) Online Composition Application).

When a fragment is bound, it is marked via the blue line, below 2 are bound, one not.

any time, you can unbind such fragments to assure those are no more influenced by filter change.

do not forget to "Unbind" all fragments before saving!

Smaller Functions

  • in Compose area you have now 10 pages to use, see at the bottom for paging option:

  • when you share the fragment, the logic is dynamically removing all buttons, so it looks nicer

For version 2 that is. I think more will come in version 3.

How To Get The Content?

You need 2 parts:

To use it, you have to install the newest version of community SDK components!

Installation Steps

  • Install DS 1.4
  • Open DS, install the Community package (SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community)
  • Download the online composition (zip archive from community/applications - Online Composition v.2)
  • Go in DS and display your repository folder (Application -> Open repository folder)
  • Extract the archive in this folder
  • Restart Design Studio, open the SCN_ONLINE_COMPOSITION_V2
  • Configure the system ID (check V1 link here, point Important Settings... as there is no generic method for getting list of available systems)
  • Run and enjoy !

Thanks franckblaisbeyond for the description of those steps.

Have Fun!

If you have some extension ideas, feel free to ask

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