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to all in SCN community - all who will and can help on making the content better 😉

some months ago I have created a blog on automated generation for help files... SDK Development Community Git Repository (list & documentation).

This was the best I could provide that time, but now I think as some of you are looking at and using the SDK community package, we all could try to improve the documentation.

And this is something where we need help from you! And very important, also those of you who do not code can jump on the community train - by blogging on usage scenarios, giving examples of the use, etc.

The basic idea is to achieve something similar to OPENUI5 structure - like here OpenUI5 Explored.

I have started the preparation - we have now a new layout of the component page, similar to UI5:

(ok, not yet perfect, I wanted to learn how to build pages with UI5 controls, so it is a quite interesting mix on plain HTML and UI5, but perhaps later on this topic)

first shortly on what you find in this page...

1. a Button "Free Download" on right-upper corner

first, you can save you the link and use the button to get the package downloaded or can check for online link.

For Online:

For Offline:

2. List of all components in nice UI5 way (Accordion & Fiori Tile). The components are grouped as in design studio.

3. on click you will see the component specific page, where now we can start to collect more information, not only the technical one.

Still some work is needed, but I can imagine to place here some better explanations where everyone can contribute.

For today, if you have some examples, feel free to write a blog

- and you can open an issue in the Issues · org-scn-design-studio-community/sdkhelp · GitHub - we will include it into the page.

Later on, I can imagine this help repository can be opened to more members who would check in there actualized help (or even links to new blogs) and we can include it in the pages on the help generation time.

I hope some of you will find time for making the components better.

and some day this will look like here:

Next week I will try to put more details on the contribution in the repository.

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