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Communication scenario (.csd) can be created from SAP Cloud Applications Studio tool, but communication arrangement should be maintained in the application UI which is either in Application and User Management WoC or Administration WoC.

Since Communication scenario could be created in the original solution, it will be available in the Patch solution also when you create patch solution form an original solution, but you will have to maintain communication arrangement for patch solution again, since this is maintained outside the SAP Cloud Applications Studio tool which in the Application UI.


1) Here exists a solution name “ABC_CSD” and a communication scenario “ABC_CSD1.csd”

Note: this is an Original solution

Communication scenario “ABC_CSD1” is available in the communication arrangement:

2) Patch solution created for the above original solution:

Communication scenario “ABC_CSD1(Patch)” is available in the communication arrangement:


  • The display name for communication scenario has suffix “(Patch)” this is to differentiate between original and patch solution while creating communication arrangement.
  • You will have to create communication arrangement for this communication scenario.

3) If communication scenario is not visible when you try to create communication arrangement, then follow these steps:

  1. a) Make sure your solution is enabled, by

Selecting menu “Administration” -> “Implementation Manager” and making sure it is “Enabled”:

  1. b) Make sure your solution is scoped
    if the solution status is “In Development” then you could select “Deploy Business Configuration” and then activate the .csd file


          If solution is not in status “In Development” then deploy your solution in “Business Configuration” WoC

Thanks, Pradeep.

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