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Here is a list of the various issues you may encountered in the systray. To check the status of the systray, go to the Desktop Agent Systray then to the About screen to find status, error and warnings as shown below.

There are two types of issues:

  • Warning icon (orange) would not require a human interaction because the Agent will try again.

  • Error icon (red) often requires a human interaction.

Here are some systray errors and solutions:

Connection is closed forever

If the desktop agent displays the error message "Connection is Closed Forever", the desktop agent must be updated. The minimum version needed to resolve this issue is the 2011 version 2.0.6. The agent can be updated here. You can find a more detailed solution here.


Desktop Agent Blank Systray

If you see the below, resent then configure Internet Explorer settings again. For details, see Configuring Web Browsers.


Can't find package in the systray


Go to scripts and look for: (ev).

If you see a snippet like the one shown below, comment the if condition. (ev){
//Add item in systray menu.

URL exists but an error has been returned by server

The URL responds, but the Agent is not able to connect please review the below:

  • Check the URL with a web browser.

  • Contact your administrator to have the correct UR

  • Check the connectivity

If you are using a VPN, It may come from the fact that your VPN doesn't allow Websockets. At the bottom of this page we explain that the agent needs a Websocket to communicate with the factory.


Waiting for User to Enter Credentials

Shutdown the Agent and start again, it will prompt you to sign in. If you are still having issues:

  • Opened the tenant URL in IE, logged in and saved the user id / pwd

  • Saved these credentials in IE

  • Opened the settings in IE, set "Scripting" to "Enabled".

  • Set the Tenant URL under "Trusted Zone" and included in the trusted sites. Now you should be able to see that the pop-up while initiating the Desktop Agent gets logged in using the credentials that have already been stored and is able to get online.

For a more detailed IE explanation go here.

Tenant URL server is not accessible

The URL may no longer be available, please check the following:

  • Connectivity is broken : Restart the network interface, check IP and DNS.

  • Review the tenant registration steps found here

  • Wrong URL : Contact your administrator to have the correct URL

Registration failed

Make sure the correct URL is being used by reviewing the tenant registration steps found here

Connection has been lost

The internet connection has been lost, check your connection, when it will be up Agent will reconnect automatically

Agent not found in agent group

Your Agent is not declared in Cloud Factory, you need to add your Agent in an agent group (Agents > Agent groups). Please find the steps here.

I will continue to add to the list as I encounter issues, please feel free to let me know in the comments if you want me to add something.


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