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Being involved with the new Logical Components as a developer from quite sometime, I have realized there are some common issues that are faced by consultants while working with them in the new Logical Components in LMDB.

Question: I do not know how to work with the new Logical Components

Resolution: Look at the following link


Question : I don't see the Logical Components created in customer namespace in LMDB however it exists in SMSY?


  • Logical Components exist in SMSY
  • During Managed system configuration it is possible to define Logical Components
  • In LMDB, the only option available is to create new logical component to assign to a Technical System.
  • If you attempt to edit the logical component in SMSY, the following message is displayed:
  • The selected logical component is not yet available in the logical component editor.
    Therefore, you can still edit this logical component with transaction SMSY.

Issue : You don't see any Logical Components in LMDB transaction apart from the one's shipped by SAP as templates.

Resolution: Goto solman_setup, click on System preparation-> Goto step 6-> Click on the link "Migrate SMSY data to LMDB"-> In the UI sub-step that opens execute "Migrate Logical Component Data"

Question: I see a sync issue between LMDB and SMSY, the product instance/systems selected in LMDB and saved are not the one's  shown in SMSY or the system and roles are not matching.

Issue: bug in the code

Resolution: Implement all then relevant notes in the application area SV-SMG-LDB-LC, delete and recreate the Logical Component, you can change the specific product instance or delete the technical system and add it again. Press save in between.

Question: I do not know to which Product instance of the Technical system, the Logical component should be assigned

Resolution: It has been discussed in the blog


Question: I do not see a Logical Component for a certain Product / Product Version

Resolution: With 7.1 SP10, SAP has stopped shipped new Template Logical Component, Create you own logical components in the customer namespace and assign the required product version->product instance

Question: The Logical Component systems are yellow even though the systems have been upgraded.

Resolution: This means that the Logical component assignment to the Technical system is not updated. Check out the Technical system by clicking on the ExtSid of the Technical system, If the product instance assigned to the Logical component is not upgrade, select "Maintain", click on search and as proposal is selected by default, select the checkbox of the correct product instance. Close the pop-up and save.

If the Technical system is still yellow, open the software node of the Technical System and check the assignment of the Logical component, it is correct or not.