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In our previous blog post PART 1, we saw how to leverage Comment Privileges aka Comment Rights via Roles for an Admin persona. This was beneficial when controlling commenting for a larger audience like disabling commenting for HR, Finance or certain role/group of people.


In this blog, we will see how a much more granular configuration which is for actual business end-users persona.

Use case

  • Organization has Quarterly performance Dashboard which is accessible to all the employee within organization including the Board member. However only the board members are allowed to collaborate on the data within Story

  • Story is shared with all line of business but only top management for each line of business will collaborate to maintain the confidentiality of the conversation on certain data

Proposed solution - To achieve this add, view and delete comments rights are available to only board members on the quarterly performance story, others don’t have it.


In an large organization Stories are shared with many users and customers have below use cases:

  • Everyone who has access to story 1 can view and add comments

  • Out of all user who has access to Story 2, Limited user has permission to add comments and all has permission to view comments on Story 2

  • Out of all user who has access to Story 3, limited user has permission to view and add comments on Story 3

  • Only comment owner can delete their own comment or user with full control (edit and delete) story permission should be able to delete others comment

  • None of the user with whom story is shared should be able to add or view comments



The role level comment rights should be enabled for artifact settings to be visible and applicable.


Artifact sharing

  • New comment rights will be configured by artifact owner during sharing

  • Definition:

    • View Comment - can view all comments and delete own comments and threads

    • Add Comment - add new comments

    • Delete Comment - delete others comments and threads

Who respects what?

Page comment Respect story rights
Widget comment Respect story rights
Comment panel Respect story rights
Toolbar comment Respect story rights
Comment Widget Respect story + model rights
Table comment + column Respect story + model rights
Dibo No comments rights available
Analytic Application Similar to story
Embed mode Only if comment embed mode config is enabled

High-level use cases

Model comment Right Story Comment Right View datapoint Comment View Story comment
Y N (2 models) N N N N
Y N (2 Models) Y Y N Y

Upgrade behaviour

To avoid regressions post upgrade, following rules are in place:

  • By default user with View access rights at story should have add and view comment right, to ensure there is no regression for existing customer

  • By default user with Full control access right at story should have add, view, delete comment right, to ensure there is no regression for existing customer

  • For all existing shared Story, Comment rights should be enabled to ensure we don't regress, however User has an option to change the sharing setting of the existing Story (disable View/Add comment right)

  • Similar rules for Analytic Application, Folder, Model


Hope you try and leverage this new feature. Do share your feedback.