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Your feedback as an SAP customer or partner has always played a vital role in shaping our Product. Feedbacks are instrumental in ensuring that we tailor our SAP Help Portal content to best suit your needs. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, and our Open Documentation Initiative contribution process bears testimony to it.

The SAP Open Documentation Initiative enables users to contribute directly to documentation in the SAP Help Portal. The GitHub collaboration process that we’ve put in place allows us to easily interact with you, our audience. A GitHub account is all you need to give us open and quick feedback, or even proposals for improving our content.

In the beginning, the initiative was adopted by very few products, but gradually more and more documentations were added, and now SAP Task Center has also joined the family of the products that are open for your feedback and suggestions.

To get started, take a look at this introduction video.

How do I contribute?

GitHub account is all you need! There are two ways you contribute to the documentation in SAP Help Portal: Either by providing feedback or by editing the content.

Provide Feedback

You have a question or there’s something in the text that doesn’t seem quite right to you?

  • Open SAP Task Center page on SAP Help Portal, navigate to the topic that you want to contribute to and choose the Feedback option.

SAP Help Portal - Feedback


  • This opens an issue window in GitHub. Provide your feedback in the form of an issue and click on Submit new issue.

GitHub - Feedback


We’ll respond as soon as possible.


Edit the Text

Feel the need to rephrase the content?

  • Open SAP Task Center page on SAP Help Portal, navigate to the topic that you want to contribute to and choose the Edit option.

SAP Help Portal - Edit


  • This opens a Markdown version of the topic in the GitHub editor. Choose the pencil icon to edit the Markdown file.

GitHub - Edit File (1)


  • Make the necessary changes in the Edit file section.

GitHub - Edit File (2)


  • Propose changes by adding an optional description or comment to your suggestion

Propose Changes


  • Follow the standard GitHub workflow for creating a pull request.

We’ll respond as soon as possible.


What happens after I submit my contributions?

Your contributions are reviewed by the authors and may be accepted, modified, or rejected, depending on whether the changes are accurate and consistent with the documentation conventions in use. See What to Expect.

It may take some time before changes appear in the SAP Help Portal version of the topic. This is because your suggestions may need additional reviews. Also, some guides are only republished at scheduled intervals.

In the meantime, to keep track of your contributions, you can use the standard GitHub tracking functionality. See Finding information in a repository.

You can also stay informed by using GitHub notifications. See Setting up notifications.


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