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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
We introduced the Open Documentation Initiative last year to allow you to collaborate on SAP documentation through GitHub. You can check the introduction blog post.

After the successful startup of this initiative, we launched it also for SAP Business Technology Platform and Best Practices for SAP BTP. See the video and blog post for more details.

Now, I am glad to announce that we’ve adopted this collaboration process for the SAP BTP, Neo environment documentation.

Up until now, our feedback channel for the Neo environment documentation was one-way only, so we couldn’t get back to you to discuss your proposals and questions.

Now, you can collaborate on the SAP BTP, Neo environment documentation by using standard GitHub processes. With pull requests you can suggest changes to existing content, and with issues you can provide feedback and start a discussion with us. Furthermore, you can gain badges as credits for your GitHub contribution.

Here’s How It Works

To start, you need to get a GitHub account. You then need to review the Contribution Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Editing Content

To suggest changes to the content on SAP Help Portal, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your page in SAP BTP, Neo environment documentation.

  2. Choose Edit to open the same page on GitHub.

    Figure 1: Edit Content

  3. Choose the pencil icon to open the Markdown file for editing.

    Figure 2: Edit Markdown File

  4. Update the Markdown version of the HTML page.

  5. Add a comment and propose your changes.

    Figure 3: Propose Changes

  6. Create a pull request and wait for our response. You must sign the Developer's Certificate of Origin (DCO) if you’ve not done it yet when you create your first pull request. See The Contributor License Agreement Process for more details.

If your changes are accepted, your proposals are merged on GitHub and republished to SAP Help Portal.

Providing Feedback

To provide feedback to the content on SAP Help Portal, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your page in SAP BTP, Neo environment documentation.

  2. Choose Feedback to open an issue for the current document.

    Figure 4: Provide Feedback

  3. Submit your issue and wait for our response.

If you have any questions or issues with the process itself, you can raise an issue on the Contribution Guidelines repository directly using this issue template that has the “meta” label assigned. Note that this is for an issue about the process itself, not for an issue about documentation content.

Please also share any feedback or thoughts about this process by commenting on this blog post.

We’re excited about this new collaboration process because it helps us understand your feedback, act upon it faster, and improve the content together with you.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you on GitHub!

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