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If you regularly attend SapphireNow, then you certainly know of the surge of energy that not only emanates on day one, but there are usually a number of major SAP announcements during the keynotes that when combined with the knowledge and information shared and absorbed among its employees, partners and customers not only sustains that surge for the entire week, but contributes to what makes this event so special year after year.

This is certainly something that all of us that comprise the SAP Co-Innovation Lab Global Network team feel particularly tapped into this year with nearly two dozen COIL sponsors and Project Members exhibiting or presenting sessions in Orlando.

I covered some of the highlights in my last post from the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Encryption and Key Management project but I’d like to share a bit more about some of the other lab participants and projects too.

Cisco and CA are both at SapphireNow where you can find out more about their project with SAP at COIL to explore ways to that all of the enhanced performance and real time business management is never negated by bottlenecks stemming from sub optimal network policies. Cisco and CA have teamed together at COIL to capture real time traffic and to effectively monitor complex Java and .Net web apps, app servers, portals and other key infrastructure components.  Of course this project is not just about Cisco and CA bringing respective technologies and expertise to simply monitor but to help adapt an SAP HANA IT environment as business needs change.

Cisco and EMC are teaming up with SAP at COIL on the important topic of SAP HANA High Availability and Disaster Recovery, building out two three node SAP HANA clusters to demonstrate a number of different scenarios to be shared as part of a series of HA/DR workshops.  These Workshops will provide a repeatable and programmable way to help customers to obtain a deep understanding of HANA operational capabilities.

In recent postings I've described what our colleagues at SAP NS2 are covering these days with respect to combining geospatial and text analytics of value to real time situation awareness but if you are at the event, stop by the SGI exhibit to see their demo examining armed conflict and seeing the insights possible from correlating geo and human intelligence data. Even if you don’t work for the government, I saw firsthand how people focusing on things like re-inventing retail that saw the demo and take real interest in how these same technologies can be applied. In fact, we already have COIL project spinoffs from the SAP NS2 project with Critigen (a spatial systems integrator) build up a landscape to take its Medicare Mapper app to pursue other geospatial and predictive analysis of healthcare data.

It’s a big show floor but make your way over into the Technology Campus to have a look at the next generation of the HANA Cloud Cell and Fabric. This clearly represents an upwelling of co-innovation where SAP again, teaming with Intel, DSSD and others collaborate to engineer next gen cloud systems using high performance flash and high speed interconnect fabrics.

I’m not going to be able to cover everything in a single post but for the benefit of those at the event this year we really encourage you to check out all of the partners mentioned. Two more very interesting projects include one where SAP and SAS are working with a common customer to migrate to real time marketing capability and a second project with Vendavo price and margin management on HANA. This project has a number of goals but in sticking to the theme of “Simple” one is to simplify the ETL process required to load ECC data to the Vendavo Profit Analyzer.

The COIL team has worked with RedHat on a few notable projects over the past 3 years but the current project work is one that in fact will get covered in a future blog post. RedHat is working with SAP to grow the ecosystem by connecting directly with developer communities through OpenShift. The development of the OpenShift Cartridge for Sybase ASE, IQ, SQL Anywhere and SAP HANA is to provide a P-a-a-S environment to enhance building applications on the Sybase database portfolio.  These Cartridges is how OpenShift installs languages and middleware. Again if you are at the event, stop by the RedHat exhibit to learn more. 

If you find yourself chatting with RedHat, walk a few steps more and be sure to also visit Citrix and Violin Memory Systems- both very active in COIL this year. Have our friends at Citrix show you a very cool demo of using the SAP Visual Enterprise 3D viewer from pretty much anywhere you can connect to the Internet using a variety of devices. Violin Memory will happily walk you through what it means to build an exceptional flash memory storage array and can tell you more about its recent SAP ICC certification. 

Before the week concludes you will also want to check out a few more cool companies working with SAP at the COIL Labs. AlertEnterprise, IRise, Qnovate, Arteria and Sigga are all here this week.

Whether you are a SAP partner, customer (or both) and you not only want to know more about any of these projects or would like to learn how you can participate in co-innovation projects at SAP, make a point to visit the Partner Discovery Center and we can have that conversation too.

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