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Last week, I sat down with Ian to talk about the new SAP API Business Hub changes and what the latest buzz is in the tech industry.

The SAP API Business Hub got a refresh recently. Not just a refresh of the UI, but also a refresh of all the APIs and services available to you. At SAPPHIRE last week, 60+ new APIs and services became available on the API Hub. You can now find Concur APIs, Banking services, and buzz worthy technologies like IoT and Machine Learning all on the API Business Hub for you to try!

At this point, you have probably heard a lot about AR and VR, Machine Learning and AI, Big Data, and IoT. Or you’ve at least heard the words and phrases too many times to count. A lot of these might seem intimidating if you aren’t a data person or a backend person. Just because you work on front ends or business flows, or even if you aren’t a developer, doesn’t mean these technologies and innovations aren’t for you.

The SAP API Business Hub has a bunch of new services from SAP Leonardo, which is SAP’s digital transformation platform. So what does SAP Leonardo having APIs mean for you? It means that you can try out these latest and greatest technologies right now. You don’t have to worry about hosting or subscription fees. Just find a couple pictures or some text documents and go to the API Business Hub. Under Business Services on the API Hub, look for the SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Functional Services. This is where you’ll find APIs for Machine Learning services like fact extraction from documents and image classification.

The APIs and services available from the SAP API Business Hub allow you to stay on the forefront of technology for free! The list of services and APIs is constantly growing and being updated, so don’t forget to check back frequently on the API Business Hub to see what’s new and improved!