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This one-day event at the SAP site in Budapest was a good mixture with participants from different business sectors. On one hand, we had SAP Developers and computer scientist from other companies. On the other hand young talents from Hungarian universities. The participants fulfilled the technical requirement for the event. I started this journey by introducing the CodeJam concept, followed by its objective and how one to request one.

After the general presentation of the CodeJam, I continued the program with an ex-course on SAP Gateway, which took place earlier this year in June. The idea here was to make clear to the participants that the Odata services we will make use of, would be similar to those they developed during that specific CodeJam. I commented the available SAP technologies one could use to create Odata service.

How to create web application based on SAPUI5 was the next station of our journey. Here I stared with an overview of the SAPUI technology, highlighting the most use controls, the bootstrap concept, the MVC pattern, the one and two ways data binding and the differences between SAPUI5 and Openui5. After those theoretical parts, the logical next step was to jump to practice. Here I provided the participants with all links related to tutorials dealing with the main topics of the event.  After demonstrating how some controls are built, how their work, how to find out their properties and to download them. Afterwards I gave them enough time to explore some controls.  Since we started at 01 pm, there was no need for a lunch but a nice break for networking and relaxation was not to avoid.  Coming back from lunch, I introduced the SAP Web IDE, the framework we used during the event to build web applications. I also commented with the participants the advantage using SAP web IDE compare to Eclipse. I introduced the important features of SAP Web IDE followed by some demos and hands on. The last stuffs of the day were the introduction of FIORI and the SAP UX Experience. I presented the concept behind FIORI as well as the architectural requirements that a FIORI application should fulfil. As practical illustration of the FIORI, I introduced the General Ledger Account Balances and the General Ledger Line Items, two Apps from the Product and Innovation (Financial LOB New Analytics). We went through both applications, analyzed and debugged them.

The atmosphere was great as well the interaction with the participants. Many questions came up. The background of the participants was not homogenous. There were some with strong UX development, Java Script and HTML5 experience and the rest were new bees without Web development knowledge.

Below some impression of the events.

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A big thanks to Jànos for the organization.