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In a recent post I announced the availability for SAP's all-new Cloud Shipment channel for the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android. Well, we haven't been resting on our laurels and so it is that today I am proud to announce that we also made the Kapsel SDK available via cloud shipment, starting with version 3.1 SP02*. If you're uncertain of what Cloud Shipment is and what its benefits are, I encourage you to take a look at the linked original post. Otherwise, if you're just eager to get started, here is what you need to do:

  1. Follow the instructions in my original post to setup your SAP Repositories Management account** and make sure to download the "NPM Base64 Credentials" password file. You'll need the value in that file in the next step.

  2. Run the following commands to link the @Sap-kapsel npm scope to the Kapsel Cloud Shipment repository:

npm config set @sap-kapsel:registry
npm config set _auth <authValue>

Note: The <authValue> is a Base64-encoded username:password value pair, which can be found in the password file you downloaded in step 1.

  1. You may now add Kapsel plugins to your Cordova projects as follows:

cordova plugin add @sap-kapsel/kapsel-plugin-logon

In addition, you can also now obtain and use the Kapsel CLI and the Custom Fiori Client this way:

npm install @sap-kapsel/create_fiori_client
# Create config.json based on node_modules/@sap-kapsel/create_fiori_client/config.json template
node node_modules/@sap-kapsel/create_fiori_client/create_fiori_client.js

Of course, as with the previously enabled Cloud Shipment channel, those settings work fine both on developer workstations and Continuous Integration servers, so that building pipelines with our SDK is now easier than before. Stay tuned for an update to the SAP Cloud Platform Continuous Integration guides to leverage this feature in your projects as well!


*Note: The technical version identifier (e.g. used in Cordova commands) of Kapsel SDK 3.1 SP02 is 4.2.1.

**Note: The permission restrictions pointed out in my original blog apply: "Quoting the SAP support site, 'you can download the SAP products that are associated with your S-user ID. While every visitor can browse the list of software products without any special permissions, downloading files requires the Software Download authorization; to request it, contact a user administrator in your company.' This restriction also applies to the cloud shipment channel. Please also note that credentials generated with this service are subject to expiry after 6 months, and hence need regenerating at least twice a year."

(1) be part of an organization that has licensed access to this SDK.

(2) be authorized to download software from SAP in the name of your organization.


Edit 2019-03-04: Added version information.

Edit 2019-03-21: Adjusted repository URL

Edit 2019-08-05: Expanding on the **Note and adding a note that credentials need regenerating every 6 months.

Edit 2021-03-03: As of SMP/Kapsel SDK release 4.6.1 (Kapsel SDK 3.2 SP03 PL00), the namespace was changed from @Sap to @Sap-kapsel to avoid clashes with other products. The content has been changed to reflect that, but keep in mind that for older versions of Kapsel, you want to use the @Sap namespace instead.