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Thank you for attending the Cloud Platform Integration Suite Quarterly update from labs for Q3&4/2018.

Recording | Presentation

Here's a recap for those who could not attend the webinar.
The main focus for the webinar was to introduce you to the bigger gamut of integration tools that together constitute the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

Over the years of interactions with our customers, we identified that integration is not limited to mere Process integration and hence we set out to address the integration challenges of a customer in a more holistic fashion.

As a first step to this initiative, we have defined the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite; a suite of all the integration services and tools available on the SAP Cloud Platform.

This quarterly webinar will also evolve as a result and shall cover the entire suite capabilities and developments on a quarterly basis.

As a first step, we used the last webinar to introduce you to the Suite as a whole. Additionally we also covered an overview of the following tools that constitute the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite:

  • SAP Cloud Platform API Management

  • SAP Cloud Platform API Business Hub

  • SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging

  • Backend-as-a-service

  • Function-as-a-service

The expectation with this exercise is to ramp you on each of these technologies (what) and to empower you to be able to choose the right tool or service for the integration challenge you have (when to use what).

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite: integration is the number one strategic priority of every organization that intends to transform into an intelligent enterprise. What makes an enterprise intelligent is not mere applications, but applications that can talk to each other. Over time, organizations bought different flavors of applications in the cloud, on-premise from different vendors. This resulted in a heterogeneous complex landscape with data and processes spread across multiple applications. This hinders a 360-degree view of an end-to-end use case. Integration helps bridge these gaps thereby providing a connected digital experience to the customers. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is our enterprise-level Integration Platform as a service (iPaaS) that simplifies and accelerate enterprise integration. Following picture gives a snapshot of the constituting services mapped to the relevant scenarios and personas:

SAP Cloud Platform API Management: service supports organizations to manage end-to-end lifecylce of APIs. It helps the businesses to be part of API economy - engage with developers and partners to accelerate build of applications and extensions; help create omni-channel experience; create/grow revenue stream; secure and govern your data and digital assets.

SAP API Business Hub: is a public catalog of integration content from SAP as well as from our select partners. Developers can easily build applications, extensions, and jump start their integration projects by exploring and consuming content from collection of 960+ click-to-consume integration flows, 850+ functional and business services, as well as a curated set of integration accelerators.

SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Messaging: A serverless messaging service to connect applications, services, and systems so they can interact with each other through messages and events. Decouple application logic, develop microservices and enable event-driven architectures to replicate, share, and transform data across hybrid landscapes.

Backend-as-a-service: Fully-managed cloud service that helps you build, run, and manage robust, scalable, and enterprise-ready APIs powered by a fully-working backend generated on the fly in a serverless environment. Use this service whenever you need to save development time and effort, for example, for creating one-off apps, simple Web and mobile apps, and validating PoCs.

Function-as-a-service: event driven atomic piece of code run on stateless, ephemeral containers created and maintained by a III party. It is a combination of code, configuration and dependencies executed on a fully managed compute service in an isolated container with allocated resources in a serverless environment.

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