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Dear Colleagues!

First of all, sincere apologies for the delay in releasing this blog.


Thank you for attending the Cloud Platform Integration Suite Monthly update from labs for August/2019.

Recording Presentation

Here’s a recap for those who could not attend the webinar:

Generic Updates:

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

We have launched a new initiative for keeping you up-to-date with all the latest innovation on all the services of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite.

It is the What's New - SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite initiative.

This will be enabled via-

  • A dedicated landing page for the Suite

  • A monthly newsletter sent on the first Monday of every month

  • A monthly webinar on the last Tuesday of every month.

You need to subscribe once using the link below:

Only when you are subscribed, you will receive the monthly newsletter and the invite to the monthly webinar.

The first edition of the newsletter shall be sent out in the first week of November. Only the registered/subscribed members shall receive invites to the monthly webinars going forward.

The newsletter shall be a one-stop-shop for the consolidated notes on all news, events and updates on all the Suite services.

One time subscription – no need to register for each webinar. The Meeting request will be embedded in the monthly newsletter – you need to download it and add it to your calendar.

New Services added to the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite has 2 new services added to its catalog:

  • SAP Cloud Platform Data Intelligence

  • SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity

As a part of this change, SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, Rules and Process Visibility and SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things are moved out of the Suite.

We shall use the upcoming webinars to introduce you to the newly added services.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration:

Subscription v/s Consumption

With the introduction of the new consumption based licensing model CPEA (Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement), we though it is important to draw a comparative analysis of the Subscription and Consumption based licensing.

We have recently added a capability in the SAP Store to allow customers to subscribe to the Cloud Platform services directly without the help of an account executive.

For more details:

SAP Cloud Platform Integration -

SAP Cloud Platform API Management -

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors -

The consumption based licensing allows a customer to activate/deactivate all CPEA services of the SAP Cloud Platform as self-service straight from the Cloud Platform cockpit.

We also described the metrics of billing in CPEA - Instance and Connections.


CSRF support and session re-use on OData V4 receiver

The OData V4 receiver adapter now has a built-in capability to connect to CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) enabled endpoints. You also have the option to reuse the CSRF token within the integration flow and across multiple exchanges.


XPath 3.1 and SAXON Enterprise Edition 9.x Support

We recently licensed the SAXON Enterprise Edition in SAP Cloud Platform Integration. This now enables us to leverage the following XPath 3.1 features:

As the first step, we have enabled the same only in the Filter step. The new feature will also be enabled in all the other process steps that use XPath,  like content modifier, router, splitter etc.

SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors:

It was a pleasure presenting the recent innovation from SAP Cloud Platform Open Connectors to the integration expert group. The recent innovation where in the area ranging from availability of Open Connectors in more Data Centers ( Sydney and US East), deeper integration with SAP products like integration with SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud. Many more innovation coming up in the Q4 so stay tuned.


SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility:

Some references:


Questions & Answers:

Is connection to Success Factors and Concur, Ariba free?
It depends on which license you have. In Application Edition, you mandatorily need to have the corresponding application on one side. There you have unlimited connections. However, in case of CPEA, all connections are counted. You get 3 connection for free. A connection is a unique combination of a sender and receiver identified by host:port.

Does this mean we pay by amount of connections, not amount of messages (or bytes)?
Yes, in CPEA, as of today, we only charge you for the instance and connection. We do not consider the bandwidth flowing through SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

For CPEA model, I hope the prices indicated here are list prices and customers can still get the discounted prices as for the Subscription model?
Please work this out with your Account Executive.

Metric Connection: If there is no SLA maintained then when can we get this rectified if there is any issue?
In the non-productive tenants, we do not promise any SLAs. So, if something goes wrong, we first serve the productive tenant and then the non-productive tenants. As a result, although we try to rectify the issue asap, we cannot promise any SLAs on the non-productive tenants.

Will be get the CSRF option for OData V2 also?
OData V2 already supports CSRF connections.

Is OData V4 available in Cloud Platform Integration - Cloud foundry or trial account.
ODataV4 is already available on Cloud Foundry and Trial environments

Any update/Roadmap on Transport Mechanism for transporting an individual integration flow instead of the whole package in Cloud Platform Integration via CTS?
This is planned. Until then, you can use the following 2-package method:
Maintain 2 copies of the same packages - 1 for continuous improvement/development and the other for continuous integration with production. When ever you are ready with an integration flow in the first package, move it to the second and transport the second package. That way, the second package will always be in a final state.

How is the CPEA different from the current SAP Cloud Platform Integration Enterprise license allowing unlimited connections for iflows?
Enterprise license is part of a subscription license whereas CPEA is consumption-based. So as opposed to a flat fee in subscription, you pay only for the resources and services you consume under CPEA. Please have a look at the attached PPT and recording for more differences.

Is Process Visibility service only available in Cloud Foundry? If yes, any plans Or roadmap of making this available in NEO?
No, it will not be available in Neo.

Will it be extended to hybrid cloud env?

How long in the past would the data base be queried for KPI?
Since the process visibility in integrated with your process, after that you will get all the data processed. We are working on processing historical data as well.

Can the threshold duration be applied on the individual phases instead of on the complete process?
Stay tuned to What’s New:

For the process events and workflow, is it possible to add custom business logic?
No not in the events directly. But you can do the logic stuff in the application itself before sending the events.

Do you have any roadmap about this Process Visibility ?
Yes, we have the roadmap.



That is it for now. Thank you for your time. I hope this was useful.

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