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With this 'Cloud Myth Busting' blog series we would like to dispel myths about SAP and the Cloud, starting with:

Myth #0: SAP is not a cloud company


SAP has consistently and successfully shaped and anticipated market trends and helped countless businesses run better since its inception.  As new megatrends emerged or were inspired by SAP, we helped drive the industry to solve the next decade’s needs.  The achievements of one megatrend became the status quo for the next, providing the building blocks to new and even more innovative ways of tackling new problems, meeting new demands, and driving businesses to work increasingly in real-time.

The cloud deployment model is perfectly designed for today´s challenges. The beauty of cloud solutions lies in its fast on-boarding, scalability to Business and easy access from everywhere and from any device.  Not only that, but cloud source code never get old as it instantly updates on release. Customers do not have to worry about upgrades; after all, it´s software as a service. How brilliant is it to deliver innovation at the speed of light to the end-user? At SAP, we understand that immediate access leads to maximum business agility. Customers want and can leverage on-premise investments while growing with SAP into the next inflection point in global business, the Cloud.

SAP works closely with its customers and through a deep co-innovation approach understand that before cloud pure-play becomes universal, existing company processes must be integrated with new cloud solutions in a hybrid fashion.  The Line of Business orientation needs flexibility, making it essential for customers to adopt the cloud incrementally. First class user experience coupled with back-end orchestration ensures adoption and integrity.

SAP IS a cloud company - as per SAP's Second Quarter and First Half Results 2013:

  • Users: SAP has the largest subscriber base  in the cloud market
  • Financial Success: Non-IFRS deferred cloud subscription and support revenue2 showed year-over-year increase of 68%

For SAP, Cloud is not another buzzword: at SAP the Cloud is Built for Business!

Now that we’ve set this solid foundation for SAP as a cloud company, we would like to share some facts about SAP and the Cloud with you:

Myth #1: SAP is not a cloud player

Being successful in a specific business category does not automatically qualify you for another category. Therefore we often find analysts doubt our relevance in the cloud. And as the #1 in Enterprise business software our significant On Premise business might disguise our cloud achievements.

If you had a chance to listen in to our last Earnings Call you could have heard that today more business professionals use Cloud solutions from SAP than from any other vendor on the planet.

Here are the facts

  • SAP's 30 million users form the Industry’s largest cloud base
  • SAP has cloud customers in 25 industries and 191 countries all over the world
  • SAP runs the world leading Enterprise Social Business Platform with more than 10 million user
  • The world´s largest and most global business network with more than 1.2 million connected companies is run by SAP
  • The company with the world´s largest cloud deployment has more than 2 million user connected to the SAP cloud

SAP is in the unique position to offer customers choice. True choice in where and how to adopt cloud based solutions - complimenting new processes or innovating existing processes. We offer customers the freedom to do this in a non-disruptive way. This creates new opportunities for all our customers and helps grow our cloud community every day. Interested to read more? Here is our cloud fact book.

Next we will talk about Myth #2: SAP is hard to use.

Your Cloud Myth Busters: Bert Schulze (@BeSchulze) and Sven Denecken (@SDenecken)


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