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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
A cloud mindset requires adopting new ways of working. Organization across the world serving customers of all size recognize that the Cloud mindset is the fastest way to modernize their IT infrastructure and operations to increase efficiency.

Surviving in today’s economy requires exceeding expectations, not just meeting them

  • Customer expectations

  • Employee expectations

  • Shareholder expectations

Never before has the world changed so rapidly yet as we look forward, the pace of change will never be this slow. Expectations will forever continue to increase raising the bar for all. Businesses are always looking to improve and raise the bar.

From tools to job functions, a cloud mindset requires a fundamentally different way of working, which, vitally, permeates through the entire organization everyone is touched. However, it also means that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the cloud mindset, and with the proper change management, can create a cohesive group with a shared mission and outlook on the future of the organization.

Cloud strategy framework :

In order for the customer to realize the ambitions of transitioning into Cloud, it is imperative that we addresses the following dimensions

Cloud Strategy Framework


Three important perspectives and eight capabilities for an organization need to take responsibility for changes and implementers should help

  • Aligned Cloud Organization

    • Organization

    • Cloud native skills

  • Cloud Governance & Controls

    • Governance & KPI

    • Cyber security

    • Cloud economics

  • Cloud Architecture & Operations

    • Cloud architecture

    • Cloud operations

    • Services & strategy

These perspectives and capabilities can enable enterprises to establish a roadmap for increasing the cloud-maturity level of their business, by incrementally adding below components to their cloud operating model.

Cloud operating model :

The Cloud Operating Model is a high-level representation of how an organization will deliver on its Cloud Strategy. It is a blueprint for organizing effectively to deliver the capabilities and outcomes required to deliver value through cloud components. Once the Cloud Strategy has been defined, ratified, and communicated, the Cloud Operating Model defines the operational processes required for an organization to execute on the strategy.

Cloud operating model


The cloud computing era is one of those transformational technology progressions that’s evolving fast, and extracting the maximum value out of your investments in the cloud will require a different mindset.

A move to the cloud necessitates a change in attitude in regard to access, control, and risk. For example, There’s a lot of old thinking this fear - that this Cloud is just a big, unsecure place. But in reality, it can actually be more secure than what you have on-premise.

Transformation to cloud, reaches all areas of the business. This includes upgrading and syncing legacy systems as well as aligning organizational structure, processes, people, culture, and leadership to unleash the benefits of the cloud at an enterprise scale. it is worth it - Successful cloud transformation starts with adopting a cloud mindset and then helping the other pieces align.

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