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SAP Cloud Integration now offers Preview tenant service for all customers entitled with SAP Cloud Integration, customer test service (8007949).  This feature is available only on Neo environment with August 2020 release.

Here I will guide you through the steps involved to take advantage of this offering.


What is SAP Cloud Integration, customer test service ?

This service offers you with specific regression testing for SAP Cloud  Integration.

This test service mitigates the risk of business disruption caused by regression risk for custom built integration flows. It offers a preview tenant and testing of the integration flows as part of a customer specific regression test suite for every incremental software update.Refer Quality Assurance to get more details on how it works.

You can place an order for test service via SAP Store. Remember to link this order with an existing CPI Contract Global Account to take advantage of the complimentary offering of preview tenant. We recommend you reach out to your Account Executive to place an order on your behalf.

Watch the video to get an overview on the service.

For additional queries, do not hesitate to write an email to

NOTE: Entitlement to SAP Cloud Integration, customer test service would not provide an additional CPI-PI tenant.


What is Preview tenant ?

A preview tenant is a chargeable, non-productive tenant which receives the monthly increments with a week lead time to all other tenants. It means that you can access and test new or enhanced functionality a week prior to actual release timelines.

You can refer blog on how we do software updates.

All CPI-PI customers who are entitled to use ‘SAP Cloud Integration, customer test service’ can mark their non-productive CPI-PI tenant(s) as preview tenant(s).


Marking a tenant as preview tenant

Once you are entitled to CPI Tenant & Customer Test service on a Global Account, you can mark one of your existing tenants as preview tenant as shown below:

Self-service provisioning of Preview tenant


Step 1: Navigate to Subaccount > Services 

Navigate to Services


Step 2: Choose Process Integration tile and then choose Configure Process Integration

Configure Process Integration

NOTE: If you are getting an error accessing the link, resolve it by assigning the roles as mentioned  here 


Step 3: Choose EditPreview tenant check box > Save as shown here:

Edit Configuration


Save Configuration


Saving the configuration marks your tenant as Preview tenant. You can expect the subsequent monthly software update to be rolled out a week prior for these tenants.

This blog summarises the advantages of SAP Cloud Integration, customer test service and how you can take advantage of preview tenant offering.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog. See you in another interesting blog soon.