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This blog describes the resource and size limits of the integration flow content that can be deployed in SAP Cloud Integration. It describes the limits apply and gives some guidance on how to optimize the overall integration flow development.

Size Limits:

The total size of all integration flows deployed on a single tenant would be 500 MB which would apply even for the dependencies like scripts, JAR etc...

Recommendations to reduce the content size:

    1. Remove unused integration flows and resources

Remove integration flows and their resources (Groovy/Java script, EDMX, Jar) from the tenant which are not used by un-deploying and deleting it from your design workspace, if applicable.

    1. Use ProcessDirect adapter to Re-use of integration flows by multiple integration processes

The large mapping or other resources (Groovy/Java script, EDMX, Jar) that are repeated in multiple integration flows can be placed in a single integration flow, which can be called with process direct adapter from the main integration flows.

Here is an example:

    • Multiple Integration flows using same mapping and script


    • Flows optimized with the usage of process direct adapter

        • Flow1 with mapping and script resources

        • Flow2 calling Flow1 using process direct adapter. Mapping and script resources can be removed.


        • Flow2 calling Flow1 using process direct adapter. Mapping and script resources can be removed.

For detailed information on the ProcessDirect adapter usage and benefits.

Refer Help Documentation.

Additional considerations:

    1. Reuse Mappings across iflows:


    1. Reuse Script as an artifact:


Design your integration flows following the above guidelines, so that the content size of the integration flows doesn't exceed the limits of SAP Cloud Integration. 

Note: Obtaining the content size directly is not possible; one would need to download the entire content from the tenant and then assess its size.

Contact SAP to determine the suitable sizing for larger content size needs by raising a support ticket on OPS component (LOD-HCI-PI-OPS)