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Following a standard in content layout design fosters ease of maintenance.


  • Always keep the flow direction from left to right. The sender always comes on the left and the receiver on right.

  • Try to avoid overlapping sequence flows

  • Avoid kinks (or confusing twist/turns) in the sequence and message flow connectors - try to keep them as straight as possible.

  • Avoid overlapping process steps - in case you need many process steps, try expanding the canvas and arrange the process steps neatly.

  • Modularize wherever possible - in case of complex logics, try to break it down into small, easy to understand modules. Move the logic of each module into a sub-process. Name the sub-process appropriately to describe the module's operation.


  • Do not mix multiple transformations in a single script or sub-process - one sub-process should only contain the logic for one function.

  • Undeploy unwanted and unused flow from your tenant.

  • Do not assign the whole XML message to a header or a property unless necessary. Clear it once done.