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Update August 2021: SAP offers a better way to integration business scenarios:

Cloud Integration Automation Service

What's the benefit?

Until recently, the integration of Cloud to Cloud scenarios or hybrid scenarios was based on integration guides, help pages, blog posts or other written documentation.

Now, Cloud Integration Automation Service (CIAS) provides guided workflows with the following features:

that make use of

  • Standardized → all workflows for the configuration of different scenarios have the same look

  • Role Based Execution → tasks are assigned to the right person based on role assignments

  • System Landscape Information → available as drop-down list from known customer SAP systems

  • Partially Automated → some tasks are automated and therefor reduce the manual work that comes with the configuration

  • Integrated Parameter Management → data can be entered once and reused throughout the workflow

  • Traceability of Activity → information is stored on who did what steps during the integration setup

Customers can use this voluntary service at no additional fee or license cost, if they have:

  • An SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Cloud Foundry account in one of the CIAS supported data centers or an SAP Cloud Integration account

  • System instances of licensed SAP cloud products that are in scope of the integration scenarios

What integration scenarios are supported?

There is a total of 100+ integration scenarios available in the Cloud Integration Automation repository. The list is permanently extended and is updated on this list of supported scenarios: CIAS SAP Help Portal Documentation

How does Cloud Integration Automation Service work?

After successful subscription to the Cloud Integration Automation service in the Service Marketplace of your SAP Business Technology Platform Cockpit you can directly use the scenario configuration workflows in the application. Here is a blog that describes the subscription steps in detail.

You have the option to generate workflows either via the CIAS Launchpad directly or via the Maintenance Planner

Cloud Integration Automation Service Launchpad view:


With the “Plan for Integration” tile, you get the selection of all available solutions and scenarios:


On the Maintenance Planner you will get to the list of available solutions and scenarios via the tile “Plan for Cloud Integration Scenario”:


After selecting the scenario of your choice, you will be able to generate your individual workflow. Your systems and tenants are known from the framework and can be selected directly.

This will be shown in a separate blog.

Where do I get further Information?

For more information, see:

Best Regards

Stefan Jakobi

Product Management Cloud and Lifecycle Management