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In this blog, I would describe the steps required to activate Enterprise Messaging on a tenant and explain the following scenarios:

  • Activate Enterprise Messaging on a tenant

  • Increase Message Queues quota on CPEA licensed Tenants


 Step 1. Navigate to Cloud Integration Service

    Prerequisite: To perform the next steps, you need to have AuthGroup.Administrator role assigned for provision application.

1.1 Navigate to Cloud Integration service as shown below

1.2. Click on Configure Cloud Integration

   1.3 Navigate to Configure Tenant -> Enterprise Messaging and click on Activate.

During the activation, the tenant would be allocated with all the assigned quota on the subaccount.

The below screen appears after the activation of Enterprise Messaging.

NOTE: Message broker activation requires the tenant restart and would cause the downtime of the tenant for few minutes.

Step 2. Create and Deploy Integration Flows with JMS capabilities:

The Integration Developer can now logon to the tenant and check the status of the Enterprise Messaging by navigating to Monitor -> Message Queues -> JMS Resources Details

Now you should be able to create and deploy integration flows with AS2 and JMS adapters and use the XI adapter with JMS Queue as temporary storage.

 Message Queue Quota Management

Scenario : Increase Message Queues quota on CPEA licensed Tenants

CPEA tenants get activated with default quota of 30 Message Queues without the need of purchasing SAP Enterprise Messaging.

CPEA tenants can increase the Message Queues on their tenant by simply editing the Edit Message Broker in the Configure Tenant screen. They need not purchase any additional SKUs and they would be charged based on their usage at runtime.

NOTE: If you have a usecase of requiring more than 100 queues, you need to create an incident following the KBA 2589823


This concludes my blog about Activating Enterprise Messaging, and managing Message Queues Quotas on a Cloud Integration tenant. Hope you enjoy the new feature on cloud integration.

See you again with another blog on another new feature. Until then, Take care.

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