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Cloud Foundry Day 2023 was awesome! Finally, the Cloud Foundry community could meet in-person in Europe again. Heidelberg was chosen as the venue and the 100 onsite tickets sold out quickly. 

Stephan Klevenz (SAP) and Beyhan Veli (SAP) were nominated to set the scene with their keynote Cloud Foundry & Heidelberg: Innovating Together mapping Cloud Foundry out to other as-a-service offerings and giving an overview about the Cloud Foundry Foundation with its Staff, Governing Board, Technical Oversight Committee and Working Groups.

Stephan and Beyhan shared community statistics like the number of reviewers, approvers and commits. Updates of the Technical Oversight Committee were highlighted, such as the Branch Protection and the adding of the Cloud Native Buildpacks to Cloud Foundry Request for Change. 

There were five additional talks by SAP employees: 

The exchange was fabulous and a lot of new impulses could be taken along. 

Marvelous was the Application Runtime Platform Roundup: Galloping Go Bumps, Trancing Tales, and Readiness Rollouts talk by Amelia Downs (VMware), as she gave a great overview of the Application Runtime working group and their planned activities in an extremely entertaining way. 

The Cloud Foundry Day was closed by the How the Cloud Foundry Community Can Help Platform Engineering by Michael Coté (VMware) where he shared his experience and provided the crisp definition 

“Community = (purpose + technology + builders + users)” 

All talks of the Cloud Foundry Day 2023 can be found on the Cloud Foundry Day 2023 - Heidelberg YouTube playlist and the slides are attached to the talks in the Cloud Foundry Day 2023 Heidelberg event schedule.  

The day was rounded off by an evening reception which provided a wonderful opportunity to keep the discussion going in a more relaxed setting. Overall, the exchange with companies like VMware, IBM, and anynines GmbH was unique and the positive energy of the vivid Cloud Foundry community could be felt all through the day. 

SAP is engaged in the Cloud Foundry community since the creation of the foundation end of 2014 (see Cloud Foundry Foundation launched today) and the open-source contribution is growing. Looking forwards to the next Cloud Foundry events! 
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