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"We can't change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails." – Old Hindu Proverb

The SaaS model has undoubtedly disrupted many boardroom strategies. And hopefully by now everyone realizes that cloud is here to stay and are already cloud dreaming. What is important is to realize that we (both cloud adopters and software vendors) need to adapt to Cloud and not the other way around. Because the latter usually results in endless discussions of requirements around features and functions. Resulting into a system of records instead of a simple and robust system of engagement.

Businesses today want to outpace the disruption happening in their space. Cloud adopters should focus on simplifying and effectively run business processes with security and scalability in mind. Try to automate interactions and activities (both with and outside organization) that you couldn't dream with previous generations of technology. Do not mix your aspirations from on-premise world with on-demand. Think of an on-prem running on cloud. Disaster!

And software vendors should solve top-3 pain points in customers’ business processes and also focus on security, privacy, UI and performance. The pressure is to provide friction-less software in the digital world capable of computing multiple external interfaces. It should be future ready too; to manage underlying shift in technologies and that the new batches of developers doesn’t sight the architecture as complex.

Having worked with SuccessFactors and now with SAP Cloud for Customer, my favorite part in respective “What’s new” guide was never the “new” part. But something that is cool technologically and the powerful set of application capabilities centered on evolving processes and outward-facing interactions.  And so-far they haven’t disappointed. Both C4C and SF are already rich in their offerings and the good news is that they are adjusting their sails as and when needed.

I like the character of Mozzie in the TV series White Collar for his eidetic memory. He reiterates many times – “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”

So maintain calmness and composure as you (either as cloud adopter or cloud provider) draft your cloud story.

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