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One more time our Development Team delivered a new version of the Cloud Connector with a lot of updates and new features. We recommend updating to 2.15 as soon as possible! If you are already using a master and shadow instance this can be done without downtime (more details on High Availability can be found in the documentation). As usual the new version is here.

What is now new? As in the last updates there are visible and invisible changes. Let’s have a look at some of these - the complete list can be found in the release notes.

Are you using a Kubernetes cluster associated with BTP, or BTP Kyma instance? If so, it is now possible to connect your on-prem installation with a service within the K8s cluster by using a service channel (more Details on Cloud Connector and on Connectivity😞

We've also added new possibilities to principal propagation. Now it cannot be used only for business user identities but also for technical users. To use this, you must define conditions which are used for setting the subject pattern:

Improving the security for accessing the Cloud Connector UI is now easier as the selection of the allowed cipher suites have been enhanced:

Let’s have a look at some features which are not visible but as important as the visible ones: If you know the prerequisites to install the Cloud Connector you will see that we’ve added here the support of SAPMachine 17 as a runtime. We’ve also added several Operating Systems which can be used for the Cloud Connector: Windows 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (for x86_64 and ppc64le).

Additions have been implemented on available APIs. There are now APIs for the ciphers and the trust store and more APIs for getting monitoring data.

Our colleagues from BTP Security have collected recommendations for several services (including Cloud Connector) to harden and to improve your setup: SAP BTP Security Recommendations.