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This post is part of Transformational Tuesdays: A Series on SAP HANA Business Value from the SAP HANA Solution Management team celebrating 10 years of SAP HANA in 2020.


What if you could access your SAP HANA backups from anywhere?  Regularly shipping backups to a remote location over a network or via couriers can be a simple and relatively inexpensive way to prepare for a disaster.  Backups to the cloud provides a simpler way to provide off-site protection for your SAP HANA database backups, accessible from anywhere to ensure business continuity.

New to SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 is the SAP HANA Backint Agent for Amazon S3.

SAP HANA offers comprehensive functionality to safeguard your database and ensure fast recoverability with maximum business continuity.  In addition to backing up an SAP HANA database to the file system, you can back up and recover an SAP HANA database using an SAP-certified third-party tool that supports the Backint for SAP HANA interface.  Backups are transferred via pipe from the SAP HANA database to the 3rd party backup agent, which runs on the SAP HANA database server and then sends the backups to the 3rd party backup server.  For more information on the integration of 3rd party backup tools with SAP HANA, please refer to the Administration Guide.

SAP HANA Backint Agent for Amazon S3:

  • Backup to and restore from AWS S3 storage

  • Secure and cost-efficient backup transfer via SSL

  • Works with HANA Cockpit, HANA Studio or SQL commands

How do cloud backups simplify database management?

  • Cloud backups are accessible from anywhere

  • Easy to scale up and to buy additional storage as needed

  • Object stores are cost-efficient forms of cloud storage

Having a backup (and recovery) plan is always a good thing. The purpose of the backup is to create a copy of data that can be recovered in the event of a primary data failure. Having the ability to easily create an offsite backup, in the cloud, is another level of protection against complete site failure. Backup copies should be made on a consistent and regular basis to minimize the amount of data lost between backups with your organization’s Service Level Agreement (SLA).

For more information on Backint and 3rd Party Backup tools, please see Srboljub Dave’s “Overview of “Backint for SAP HANA” and FAQ for 3rd Party Backup Tool Support” blog post.

Learn more about SAP HANA Backint Agent for Amazon S3 and other SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 05 new capabilities by watching to the Expert Series replays.