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Dear Community,

This is a list of common questions on Web Services and Service Integration in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio, that we frequently receive from partners and customers. I have tried to answer some of them here, and will keep adding to this list.


1.    Solution has a file input service. Why doesn’t it run when we run the job and therefore not consume the input file?

There is no Alternative Key defined in the BO in which the File Input is created. For a File input to run successfully it should have an alternative key and it should be included in the XML which is to be uploaded.
Mark any of the fields included in XML as alternative key which is unique.


2.      Why does the Web service not create data and give server error?

This might happen if the communication arrangement (URL, Path, port) is not configured properly. Try reactivating it and testing the service again.
Also check if the ping is successful.


3.     Why does the Web Service activation fail with error: Failed to activate items of type Web Service View name already exists; specify a different name.

This issue happens when you don’t enter the BO view name in one of the web services. Entering a BO view name is usually not mandatory but it is necessary when you build two web services on the same BO.


4.     Why Cannot I download WSDL from the SDK studio for In Development Solution?


You must deploy Business Configuration first for it to work.

5.     Why is the WSDL import  failing during creation of WSID?

Upload the same WSDL in SOAP UI and if it fails, correct the WSDL and import again.

6.     While creating instances of a BO, my system dumps due to failure in Internal Communication. What can I do?

In internal communication, when you select SAP_UUID under Instance Identification > By Alternative Key, you must ensure that the same element is part of the message structure.

7.     Why does the WSID not create data in production tenant?

This does not work as the end point URL is not correct in the Production tenant. If this is the case, follow these steps:

  1. Download WSDL from the Production system.

  2. Create a patch in the Test system.

  3. Create a new WSID using this new WSDL.

  4. Redeploy the solution.


8.      I am not able to activate web service because of data type exceeding 120 characters. What can I do?

If the Data type of the selection parameter exceeds 120 characters then you must abbreviate the data type under the Abbreviations tab of web service.

9.     Why is the solution level assembly failing with the following error?

This might happen if the work center view created as part of web service is not assigned to a work center.

10.      My file input is failing to upload due to incorrect date/time format. What is the correct format?

The date/time for creation should be in the following format: 2018-04-06T04:04:09Z