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Dear Community,

This is a list of common questions on Business Configuration related to the SAP Cloud Applications Studio, that we frequently receive from partners and customers. I have tried to answer them, and will keep adding to this list.

  1. I have used a BCO datatype for custom field/extension field, but it shows the code value in the drop down instead of a text box on the UI. Why is it so?
    Code value comes up in the drop down if the field is defined as an Attribute instead of Description in the BCO. Always create a Description field in BCO if you want to see text in drop downs.

  2. What happens when a solution gets disabled?
    All the scoping decisions and fine-tuning data is lost and the solution is no longer available for scoping.

  3. Is it possible to delete or change BC content used by other objects
    If the BCO is not referenced by another object (BC Set, BCO, BO or XBO), then it is possible to delete the BCO.
    If the BCO is used by a BC Set, then yes, it is possible to delete it,  but you must first clean or delete the BC Set.
    If the BCO is being used by a BO then deletion is possible only in the first version (not in patch) after removing the BCO's reference.
    Deletion of BCO gives the following error message

  4. Why can’t I see the fine-tuning activity?
    To see custom fine-tuning activity in Project activity list, you must fulfil the following prerequisites:In the BAC file, you have selected the 'Visible in Scoping' checkbox.You have marked the BC Sets assigned to Business Option as fine-tuning relevant (Add and delete in fine-tuning).You have already created the BC views. We recommend that you create the BC View in the same version where the BCO was created.

  5. Why does the Export Translation on BC Set not export file, and gives the error "No translatable text found”?
    Translation feature works only when the content has fields of type text/description. Ensure that the BCO on which the BC Set is created has a “Description” field.

  6. Why do I get the error “Change of field <FieldName> not permitted” on adding an entry on the fine-tuning UI?
    This error comes up when you delete a delivered BC Set entry on fine-tuning UI and add a new entry with the deleted Key and a new Description. You can, however, delete the entry on the fine-tuning UI.If you want to change the description of the BC Set entry created in the cloud studio it can either be done
    1.In Cloud Studio itself(even in patch versions) or
    2. From the Fine-Tuning, if you marked the "Change Description in Fine-Tuning" flag in the BC Set.
    You get the below error (on save) when you don't set the above mentioned flag and delete the entry with "ID = 2 and Desc = Two" and add a new entry with "ID = 2 and Desc = Three

  7. Why does a dropdown show up in fine-tuning UI even though the field was created as a text?
    This happens when you update the metadata after opening the BC View in UI Designer. Metadata update changes the CCTS type of the BC Set field from “text” to “Code” resulting in the issue. Therefore, you must not update a metadata after opening the BC View in UI Designer.

  8. For information on the BC change projects, follow this blog

  9. How do I change/edit BCO which already has a BC Set and Fine-Tuning data?
    Please follow the below steps to change/edit a BCO. This will work irrespective of when a BCO is created i.e., either in current solution version or in a previous version. Delete Fine-Tuning values from UI which have been created on top of the respective BCO
    b. Delete the BC View
    c. Right click and select Cleanup option on the BC Sets created on the BCO
    d. Edit/change BCO and activate
    e. Add BC Set entries and activate
    f.  Recreate the BC view
    g. Run through the BAC and do the assignments
    h.  Deploy business configuration

  10. Why do I see the error message- "Fine-tuning flag is marked in BAC although there is no BC view in the solution" while assembling a solution after 1911 upgrade?
    From the start of 1911 upgrade, in a solution with no BC View, if you select the "Visible in Fine-Tuning" flag in BAC, consistency check on BAC will throw the "Fine-tuning flag is marked in BAC although there is no BC view in the solution" error.In terms of solution design perspective, the intention of marking the aforementioned flag is that you want to add fine-tuning data for which there must be at least one BC view in the solution. If there is no BC View in the solution, it does not make sense to enable this flag.This check will work perfectly for new solutions. For older solutions, you will have to do adaptations accordingly (you can uncheck the flag). Also, in deletion patches, this check will not be executed for now as no change can be done to BAC in this patch.