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Product and Topic Expert

This is the first blog post in my new series about the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP).
In this series, I want to highlight certain capabilities and benefits of BTP, and how it can help businesses to develop, integrate, and modernize their applications and processes in the cloud. Throughout the series the focus will be on application development and what SAP BTP has to offer for professional developers. So, if you're interested in learning more about BTP and how it can help your business, be sure to follow me and stay tuned for more posts in this series.

Let’s get started with a fundamental question: why should you choose SAP BTP for your application development project?

The decision to choose SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) for application development and extensions depends on the specific needs and goals of your business. Here are some reasons why SAP BTP should be your first choice to build extensions for your enterprise applications:

  • Integration with SAP systems: If your organization already uses SAP systems, build on top of the existing foundation, leveraging previous investments. SAP BTP offers seamless integration with these systems, making it easier to develop and integrate applications with existing SAP software.

  • Pre-defined business content: Pre-built process automation content, application templates and ready-to-use APIs offer fast adoption of best practices from different industry backgrounds to speed up development projects.

  • Low-code development: With SAP Build, SAP BTP offers low-code development tools, that enable users with little or no coding experience to develop and deploy custom applications, automations, and business sites quickly.

  • Application development services: SAP BTP offers a range of application development services, including development tools and frameworks like the SAP BTP ABAP Environment, ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Mobile Technologies, SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Elements, that can help businesses develop and deploy cloud-native applications with enterprise qualities faster.

  • Advanced analytics: SAP BTP provides advanced analytics capabilities, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, that can help businesses gain insights from their data and make better-informed decisions.

  • Built-in security: SAP BTP delivers robust security measures to protect data, applications, and system access, helping organizations to build secure and compliant solutions.

For your consideration, SAP BTP offers a range of application development, integration, and automation services that can help businesses modernize their operations and develop new cloud-native enterprise applications quickly with a low total cost of ownership. If your organization already uses SAP systems or requires advanced analytics and special development tools for business applications, SAP BTP is a great choice for you.

Do you have to decide between SAP BTP and a cloud hyperscaler for your development project? Not really, you can get the best of both. Ultimately, SAP BTP and typical hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP serve different purposes and different focuses. While hyperscalers provide infrastructure services, SAP BTP is focused on application development, business analytics and integration. However, SAP BTP is available on hyperscaler infrastructure to provide a custom combination of application development and infrastructure services. This means that customers can benefit from both the hyperscaler's infrastructure and SAP BTP's application development and integration services.

With the app development tools and frameworks for Java and Java-Script on SAP BTP, SAP customers and partners can develop cloud-native side-by-side extensions that match their use cases’ requirements and keep the core of their SAP ERP systems or line of business (LoB) applications clean. This way they can achieve the necessary customization without compromising on upgradeability or security.

If you finally have decided for SAP BTP as the platform for enterprise development projects, you might now have to decide which development environment to use. The SAP Business Application Studio has a lot to offer to boost developer productivity which we will explore further.

So stay tuned, for what’s up next: Get to know the SAP Business Application Studio!