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Product and Topic Expert

Hi, I'm Solution Finder, I'll be your server for today. Can I take your order?

The Solution Finder for SAP EarlyWatch Alert app will publish a new feature on 27th of February 2023 which is remarkable: Now it is the customer's choice which alerts are relevant and which not. The service will stop bothering with any unwanted alerts.

It splits the list of alerts into a relevant and a hidden list and will suppress the hidden alerts also in SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace and the notifications.

This makes the list of alerts a real to-do list for the administrators, business owners and key users. Besides the personalization of the alert list with filters for topic areas and systems, this new feature is much more: it allows a global configuration which is visible for all SAP EarlyWatch Alert users of a company. Furthermore, the alert developers at SAP will receive an anonymized feedback on the quality of their alert in general, since users of the feature need to specify a reason why an alert has been hidden by them.

To avoid this feature being used by mistake without the knowledge of the global effect, the development team has included confirmation pop-ups with warnings and introduced a new authorization called Manage Alert(s) in SAP EarlyWatch Alert for all S-users. It has to be assigned by the user administrator of the company to employees who want to maintain the alerts centrally.

How it works

  • Request the new authorization Manage Alert(s) in SAP EarlyWatch Alert for all S-users from your company's user administrator.

  • Open SAP EarlyWatch Alert Solution Finder.

  • See the next picture for the following steps:

  1. Switch to tab Alerts

  2. You will find two lists called Relevant and Hidden. The number in brackets indicates the number of alerts in the category.

  3. A new button with a strike-through eye icon can be used to hide an alert for the listed systems mentioned below the alert.



Note: An alert can only be hidden for a system where it is present. You can restrict the list of systems for which you want to hide the alert, by using the filters on top of the page. Depending on the severity of the alert, this action may also suppress notifications: A decisive red alert will no longer be shown on the SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace and no notification will be sent out via email.

When you hide an alert, you have to specify a reason why you do it. The confirmation pop-up informs that it is a global setting and that you can undo the action any time.

The list of reasons is shown on the next picture. It is a fixed list which cannot be edited by you, but SAP may extend it in future releases.

All hidden alerts can be found in the Hidden Alerts list, after switching to the general view Alerts. With the eye icon button, you can undo the hide and the alert will return to the Relevant Alerts list.

A confirmation pop-up is raised and informs that this is a general setting, not a personalization.

All changes to alerts are recorded in an activity log. The next picture shows how to open it:

  1. Click on the button with the icon showing two speech balloons to open the log in the right-hand side panel.

  2. Each change is recorded and shown with S-User, time stamp, alert title, systems, and reason.

  3. There is a filter option to find log entry with a filter button in the upper right-hand side corner.

The following picture shows the possible filter options:

Don’t miss the opportunity to manage your alerts and provide valuable feedback to SAP EarlyWatch Alert developers. Make the Solution Finder your work list of relevant alerts.