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As a consultant performing maintenance activities with the Software Update Manager utilizing SAP ASE database, you might have experienced situations in which the procedure stopped during execution, since SAP ASE database configuration has not meet the minimal recommendations given in the guide SAP Applications on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise - Best Practices for Migration and Runtime. In this blog post you will learn how to avoid such situations and how to check your SAP ASE database configuration before starting a maintenance activity with the Software Update Manager.

Starting with Software Update Manager support package 06, patch level 07 a SQL script is delivered with the Software Update Manager package, which enables you to check whether SAP ASE database configuration meets minimal requirements to execute a Software Update Manager procedure before actually starting the procedure. The script is located in the Software Update Manager directory SUM/abap/syb/SYB_miniCheck.sql.

Before executing this script, open the script in an editor, search for lines containing '-- CHANGE THIS' and modify the line below according to your environment. The two parameters are:


SELECT @checkMode = 'UPG' 

@mySID is to be set to the SAP System ID (SAPSID) that shall be checked.

@checkMode is to be set to one of the following options:

  • UPG to check prerequisites for applying an upgrade, an update, or support packages via Software Update Manager

  • DMO2SYB to check prerequisites on the target SAP ASE database host, in case a Software Update Manager Database Migration Option with target SAP ASE is intended

  • DMO2HANA to check the SAP ASE database of the source system, in case a Software Update Manager Database Migration Option system migration with target database SAP HANA or a system conversion with target S/4 HANA is intended

To call this script, log on to the SAP ASE database host as operating system user syb<SID> and store this script for example into the folder /sybase/<SID>. Afterwards issue the command:

isql -U<user_name> -P<password> -S<server_name> -w999 -X -i<path_to_script>

An example call could be:

  • UNIX/Linux:
    isql -Usapsa -P1234abcd -SSID -w999 -X -i/sybase/SID/SYB_miniCheck.sql

  • Windows:
    isql -Usapsa -P1234abcd -SSID -w999 -X -iE:\sybase\SID\SYB_miniCheck.sql


By executing the introduced script before starting maintenance activities with the Software Update Manager, supports you to secure project timelines as well as your commitment in terms of business downtime for implementing your maintenance activities. By checking and adjusting the configuration of the SAP ASE database beforehand, it helps you to avoid hard stops during implementation and therefore avoids wasting time of teams while waiting for the failure conditions to be fixed.

Try out the script and let me know your comments and ideas about this script!