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In this blog post, I would like to explain  

  • How to have a glance at your Upcoming Tasks in overview page

  • How to utilize Task Distribution

Then, let’s get started. 

How to have a glance at your Upcoming Tasks 

As a member of a project (including the case you are a project lead), you would want to easily check your tasks. Of course, it is possible in SAP Cloud ALM.

When you log on to overview page, you will see a Upcoming Tasks card at the top right side. Here, you can check at a glance which and how many tasks are assigned to you as an individual and to your role(s).  

How to utilize Task Distribution 

To figure out how the tasks are distributed, SAP Cloud ALM provides Task Distribution function.  

There are two ways to check Task Distribution.

One way is simply from the overview page. There, you can find a Task Distribution card below Upcoming Tasks. You can sort it by Scopes, Teams, Assignees, and Workstreams Since this card shows only top 5 items, you can click on the header area to open the Task Distribution page for a complete view.

The other way is to access from Analytics tile at Home page.  

You can find Task Distribution tile under Analytics Overview. 

In this Task Distribution page, you can check around the task distribution status by setting various filters and sorting by Scopes, Teams, Assignees and Workstreams. 


From this posting, you have learned how to easily check the Upcoming Tasks assigned to you and your role.

Additionally, you know the Task Distribution function that helps you to figure out how the tasks are distributed by scopes, teams, assignees, and workstreams.

In case you have further questions, you can always search Q&A in the community or post your own question with SAP Cloud ALM tag.


Next Steps

Hope you found this information useful. Please visit the Expert Portal for more information on SAP Cloud ALM for implementation. 

You can also read more blog posts for project and task management here! Please feel free to reach out to us if you are looking for more information. We would love to hear from you.