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Did you open the Configuration Cockpit of your SAP Fiori launchpad on your SAP Fiori, demo cloud edition account in the last week? Then you might have got a surprise, since the UI of the Configuration Cockpit has been substantially changed to harmonize the admin interfaces of various related products like SAP HANA Cloud Platform cockpit, SAP Web IDE and now also SAP Fiori Configuration Cockpit. It now consists of two areas on the screen, the content area and the navigation area.

The new Configuration Cockpit is also the UI for configuring SAP Fiori launchpad sites when running SAP HANA Cloud Portal.

The new UI provides users with a more coherent and, first of all, better and more suitable experience.

But how about functionality? Will you still be able to access the same admin tools to which you are used?

Of course, you will. Let me just show you what changed and where to find your tools.

When you launch of your new Configuration Cockpit, you are directly taken to the Site Settings. Here, you find general information on your site, information that you previously accessed via the correspondent tile. But you also find the link to get back to SAP Fiori launchpad here. So, this page replaces the Preview Site tile as well. Much more intuitive, isn't it?

The sections App Configuration, Tile Groups and Usage Analytics pretty much correspond to the tiles that you used to have in the old Configuration Cockpit, but there are some improvement in the app configuration, so many fields are already prefilled when creating an app tile from an application running on SAP Hana Cloud Platform.

The App Tile Wizard uses this new capability to make creating apps even easier, so you might choose between clicking the + sign in the App Configuration section and filling in two pages or option 2 of walking through the wizard.

Finally, the Available Apps section is new as well; you get a list of all apps running on your SAP HCP account here and can also use the Add to Site link on this page to quickly create an application tile (option 3).

Services in contrast bundles several of the old tiles by providing access to translations, theme designer and theme manager (the old Assign Theme tile), and transport manager.

And how do you get access to SAP HCP cockpit? This can be found in the External Links section - together with access to admin documentation and the reference library.

Are you still missing the equivalent of the Assignment Packages and Categories tiles? Now, there is one new section Catalogs which replaces them both. To better align with the concepts of SAP Fiori launchpad on ABAP and for simplification, the assignment packages are now called catalogs. They contain a set of applications and the roles to which the apps are assigned, as well as the groups that were predefined for organizing these apps in SAP Fiori launchpad. You will notice this change also in the groups section where now groups need to have a catalog assigned instead of an assignment package.

Note that the catalogs and groups are only available on site level, not on account level.

Now, what's your opinion - let us know how you like the new SAP Fiori Configuration Cockpit!

Have a nice day,

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