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Millennials are a different breed to Gen X and media companies have learnt that traditional methods of communicating with audience are not successful with them. Millennials like to be challenged, teased and invited to participate in new concept and new product development by giving their opinion.  Millennials aspire to be creative thinkers.  Millennials are more than likely to be sharing their opinion on a movie or television series on a second or third screen such as a smartphone or tablet. For more insights into millennial behavior, check out the excellent Ypulse site.


News publishers such as Al Jazeera and Gannett are creating interactive games to attract millennials to consume their online content, and have understood that millennials need to interact with content and not just passively consume it. Read more about these ventures from news publishers into gaming here.


Some of the studios have gone one step further with interactivity and created highly targeted sites for millennials. To promote “The Hunger Games”,  Lionsgate updated fans in interactive ways and created enormous hype until the movie's premiere. To release promo posters,  Lionsgate cut the images up into 100 pieces and spread them across 100 websites. Fans then had to search on social media to piece together the parts and construct the poster. It became an event across the Internet to stay up to speed with "The Hunger Games' " release of information. Lionsgate also created microsites including and CapitolCouture to bring fans into the world of Panem.


What can we do to get closer to the audience and analyze behavioral trends in order to ensure that we are targeting the right audience through the right medium with the right content? Three things:


  • Collect and analyze audience data – Big Data

  • Listen to social chatter and measure through social contact intelligence

  • Harness predictive analytic solutions to make the next best content recommendation



Let’s use our persona Claire as an example.


If we follow Claire’s journey, we see the transformation from a casual viewer of videos on demand to a passionate fan and brand ambassador on social media.  We can capture data about what she is watching and analyze it with lightning speed in-memory analytics, we can listen on social media networks to her recommendations to her peers and also make a best guess as to which content we can suggest to her to view next.


Learn more about how to become audience centric by leveraging these techniques here.


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