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As all of you know, creation of transport requests in the managed system of the project from the Change Request Management CRM Web UI is one of the ChaRM features. There were customer requests to be able to influence the data in the dialog window.

Starting 7.10 Support Package 8 (and downported to Support Package SP 4-7 via SAP note 1772445) there will be a new BadI 'AIC_CREATE_TRANSPORT_WINDOW' with which it is possible to influence the list of development systems in a project and the default system set in the dropdown.

The BadI has to methods FILTER_SYSTEMS and CHANGE_DEFAULT.

First Use case is f.e. that customers working with the Normal Change and having a lot of logical components (and with it different development and productive clients systems) in there project want to restrict the list of avaliable development systems to the development system of the productive system of the IBase assigned in the Normal Change. This would be possible with FILTER_SYSTEMS.

Even better, there is now a - per default inactive delivered - BadI implementation AIC_ONLY_DEV_IBASE_SYSTEM available to restrict it for the Normal Change.

To activate the implemantation:

Other use cases could be possible, f.e. restricting the creation of transports to special business partners dependent from the development system. Just an idea


Second use case to change the development system set per default dependent from customer logic. This is possible via method CHANGE_DEFAULT of the BadI

The interface of the BadI methods provide the parameters

IV_HEADER_GUID (transaction GUID)

IC_HEADER_BOL   (Reference to the header BOL)

It is then easily possible to program on CRM functions or (depending on BOL know-how) getting all current data via coming from the BOL header instance.

For the filtering with method FILTER_SYSTEMS there is a changing parameter for the system list

For the CHANGE_DEFAULT method we provide additional the system list as an importing parameter and the set default development system as an exporting parameter.

Further on, I would like to remind that there is already a BadI /TMWFLOW/SCMA_TRANS_REQ_DESC with which you are able to change the transport request description when creating a transport request.

So, hope this helps a bit,